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1960s' Fashion: An Era of Unparalleled Elegance

Aparna Jadhav
Clothing styles have always been influenced by the attitudes of the people from a particular era; one of the best examples is the 1960s' fashion, which comprised colorful fabrics and bold designs that eradicated the formal styles.
"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel
The fashion of the 1960s is used even today, as this decade was marked as the time when there were major social changes, and was dominated solely by the youth. These were the years after the World Wars, when the baby boomers were the youth, and demanded to have their own fashion styles, and set trends their way.
Because of the huge fashion saga, designers in the 1960s too responded more liberally, and had a daring approach to styling, which showed in their designing ways. This transformation was a warning to the earlier eras, that the youth of the 1960s would not be dominated by traditional obligations of what had to be worn, when, and by whom.

The 1960s' Women Wore

Fashion, in this era, underwent many changes in clothes for women. Along with color changes to styles, to hairdos, to footwear, everything was different. The gowns made way for mini as well as long skirts and close-fitting dresses.
In the early '60s, the elegance of these clothes was flaunted by the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. Women wore suits with short boxy jackets and over-sized buttons.
Women also showed off their sexy toned bodies with A-line mini dresses with sleeveless patterns, and wore them with knee-length boots, swanky goggles, and beaded accessories. Cocktail dresses, stilettos, and go-go boots, were also very popular.
Polo neck tops, square-toed boots, and berets were also gaining momentum in popularity.
Colorful frills, leather boots, collarless jackets, comfortable slacks, loose-fitting shirts, and many more were the designs of the day for these budding youngsters with an attitude to change the world.
Sequins and shiny fabrics also became popular by the middle of this decade, and were accompanied with leather hand bags and pump-heeled shoes.
Transparent and netted clothes were flaunted by celebrities, and was aped by the common people. Capri pants and tight narrow denims were also a big hit.

The 1960s' Men Wore

Some very famous collar styles in the 1960s were the turtle necks, which were mainly paired with checked and striped blazers and vests.
The Nehru jacket also gained popularity, which was inspired by the Indian Prime Minister - Jawaharlal Nehru, and was a favorite among 'The Beatles' and other '60s' celebrities. Pleated trousers and sweaters were famous too.
Other fashion styles for men consisted of a variety of collars. These collars were designed taking global inspirations of those times, and merged in with western outfits.
There were some serious transformations in the designs and patterns of men's clothing in the 1960s. The 'hipster' pants that were to be worn below the belly button also came into fashion in the '60s, that is modified and seen even today.
Men accessorized their look with swanky watches, retro sunglasses, funky bandannas, and were seen riding the famous mod-style Lambretta scooters.

Plaid prints for Men and Women

A famous pattern back then were the buffalo plaids, which were popular with the hippies as well as regulars, along with the lumberjacks. Another form of shirts in this time was shirts with psychedelic prints and high-collared Regency jackets.