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6 Steps to Design the Custom Diamond Ring of Your Dreams

Are you the kind of person who turns left when your friends go right? Do you march to a completely different beat? If your answer is YES, you will love to build your own diamond ring that is not available easily to everyone.


This is one of the most important step. Here, you will meet with your designer to discuss your designs and the budget. You can express your ideas and expectations in this initial meeting and tell them about your budget.

Diamond Selection

Depending what you are exactly looking for, this step can usually take 1-2 days for ordered diamonds to arrive in the store. Here, you can have a perfect opportunity to select a diamond that meets your requirements and fit into your budget.

Computer-Aided Design

In this step, your jeweler will mail you a custom CAD. This computer-aided design will give you an idea of how the finished ring will look. In this stage, you can tell your designer to make some changes if you do not like something or can give him/her a green flag to go ahead with the next step.

Wax Model

Once you approve the CAD, after two-three business days from CAD approval, your jeweler will set up an appointment for you. In this, you can see the wax of the ring design.


Once you approve the wax model, the casting process can take 5-6 business days depending on the material used to make a ring. You can cast your masterpiece into whichever material you would like such as platinum and white/ yellow/ or rose gold, palladium, and recycled material.

Clean Up, Setting, and Finishing

This process usually takes 2 to 8 business days depending on the design you want to create for your own wedding ring. It is the step where your jeweler will put the final touches on the ring and its true beauty comes to life.

Concluding Remarks

When a pre-designed ring does not meet your needs, there is no reason to set down for something less when you can easily design your own diamond ring and choose your own ring style in nearby Tuscaloosa AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Northport and Brookwood, Alabama.