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7 Unique and Stylish Ways to Show Off Your Holiday Spirit

Keeping Your Style This Holiday Season..
Mia Morales Dec 12, 2019
Dressing up for the holidays is a fun and exciting way to show off your holiday cheer. When it comes to demonstrating your festive nature, finding quirky ways to highlight your personal sense of style is a great way to make yourself stand apart while embracing the joy of the time of the year.

Wear Festive Socks

There are plenty of fun holiday socks that will allow you to show off your personal sense of style while letting you get into the spirit of the season. Look for socks of different levels of thickness depending on where you plan to wear them, whether it’s while you’re curled up in front of the fire at home or a thinner dress socks for your shifts at work.
Socks that demonstrate your love for the time of the year are a great way to subtly celebrate the season no matter what environment you are in.

Show Off Your Interests

Aim for novelty items that highlight your personal interests while also embracing the holidays. There are many clothing items that come with a winter or holiday-themed look while also focusing on a specific sport, fandom or saying.
For example, you can get a shirt that has a group of polar bears playing football in the snow. You also could invest in pajama pants that have a pattern consisting of holiday lights and magic wands if you’ve come to love the wizarding world.

Quirky Pieces of Jewelry

Grab some jewelry items that give a welcoming nod to the season. Earrings shaped like mistletoe or a snowflake can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can also invest in cufflinks and tie bars that include a snowman or fir tree symbol.
Bracelets, rings and necklaces are a great option that can be used both in and out of the workplace. A themed watch can really set you apart while making checking time a more festive task.

Adjust Your Color Scheme

If you want to stay subtle while demonstrating your appreciation for the time of the year, focus on switching up your color scheme when it comes to your everyday wardrobe. You can aim for warm and cozy colors such as reds and greens.
If you are aiming to embrace tones that better suit the wintry weather outside, look into cooler tones such as blue and white. Add a few accent colors with your accessories to really make your outfit pop.

Find Fun Ties and Scarves

Invest in holiday-themed ties to bring a little extra holiday cheer to the workplace. You can also grab festive scarves that will help you stay cozy both indoors and out.
There are many different scarves you can choose from based on your preferences, whether that involves a long, thin scarf or a wider one that can be more heavily layered and worn in different ways.

Use a Holiday-Themed Bag

Swap your regular purse, backpack or messenger bag out for one that is suitable for the season. If you’d rather keep your usual bag, look for ways to decorate it in ways that will show off your holiday spirit. There are festive pins and charms you can apply to your personal bags, many of which are subtle enough to be comfortable in a professional setting.

Get a Festive Sweater

Prepare yourself for any upcoming holiday parties by beginning your hunt for a festive sweater sooner rather than later. Whether you are interested in getting an ugly sweater for an ugly sweater party or one that’s fun, comforting and festive for everyday wear, there are plenty of cozy options available.
Select one that highlights your personal interests and sense of style while also keeping you warm. There are plenty of ways you can show off your unique and stylish sense of fashion while celebrating the spirit of the holiday season.