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A Guide to Rings for Men

Kevin Gardner Jan 30, 2020
In modern America, rings are commonly considered a feminine piece of jewelry - even though men have been wearing rings for centuries. However, in the past few years, it appears that male jewelry is slowly coming back in style. Today, you commonly see men wearing rings sporting school, club, sport or society crests.
Are you thinking of getting this piece of statement jewelry? If so, brush up on your ring knowledge with this short guide.

The Ring Finger

In North and South America, the ring finger of the left hand is traditionally associated with weddings. For men, a band on the left hand’s ring finger indicates marriage, while a band on the right hand’s ring finger indicates engagement. While you’re allowed to wear any ring you’d like on your ring finger - it will commonly be assumed you are married.

What Kind of Ring?

Once you determine where the ring will reside, it’s time to determine the metal and design. There are countless types of rings from black onyx to mens celtic knot rings. So what ring is right for you?


Pure gold rings are easily recognized and common for wedding. If you choose a gold ring, steer clear of 24 karat gold as it can be easily deformed. 18 karat is perfect for timeless ring.


Silver has been used for rings since ancient Egyptian times. The most popular type of silver is 925 or sterling silver. This means, 92.5 percent of the ring is created from pure silver and remaining is made of copper. This toughens the silver giving it the signature shine.


Tungsten is the toughest metal on Earth - and the perfect choice for a manly and durable statement piece. Tungsten carbide is even harder than pure tungsten and will never scratch, allowing your ring to look as good as new after years of hard use. Keep in mind, tungsten rings cannot be resized, so make sure it fits perfectly before you make your purchase.


In wedding rings and statement rings, gemstones add a touch of class and meaning. Common choices include diamonds, birthstones, tiger’s eye and black onyx. Each stone has different symbolism and allows the user to play with different colors to compliment his outfit or skin tone.
Male rings have been popular since the early 18th century and have remained at the height of fashion almost ever since. If you plan to wear one of these rings, ensure you are comfortable and confident. Make your statement and wear your jewels with pride.