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Accessories That Go With Pastel Dresses

Sheetal Mandora Mar 5, 2020
Wearing pastel hues requires the right accessories to enhance the outfit. Look chic with the fashion tips given here, and pull off the perfect pastel dress for you.

Pretty in Pastels

To find the most flattering pastel hue for yourself, choose a bright color that looks amazing on you and find its pastel counterpart.
Most women welcome pastel hues with open arms during spring, although that belief is and can be easily violated, whenever and wherever you want. Pastel-colored dresses are definitely not seasonally appropriate as they are super trendy to be worn only for a few months.
But incorporating these fantastic hues into your wardrobe is no easy task. Knowing what to wear with a pastel dress may not be a challenge, but can be easily deceiving. Forget about making any fashion faux pas, and follow some of our suggestions when it comes to wearing pastels.

Fresh, Sophisticated Looks

You can pair neutral, pastel, or bold-colored accessories with the dress. Depending on the hue, pick the right accessories that'll enhance, and not overshadow the outfit. Here are a few suggestions on how you can wear some accessories that go with pastel dresses.

Lavender with Black and White

By adding bold accessories to the outfit, you are balancing out the soft, lavender color.
Now I know we mentioned that adding pastel-colored accessories with your pastel dress does work. However, that's not the case here. If you add, for example, sunshine yellow or blush pink accessories with lavender, you will look like the Easter egg's distant relative. So, think long and hard about the accessories and then make a decision.

Ice Blue with Silver and Gray

This look is all about creating a contrast for onlookers. The ice blue shade is so feminine that it needs something bold and edgy to make it work.
You can definitely add a few light blue-colored accessories, if you're not too keen on an all gray and silverish persona. However, keep the feminine aesthetic of the dress in mind, and let your creativity shine.

Salmon with Tan and Mint Green

In order to incorporate your existing wardrobe, wear your dress with mints and neutrals like tan.
You will have very little to worry about, and can easily pull this look off for any and every occasion. Whether it's a formal event or casual gathering with friends, the salmon shade is a must for every woman of style.

Mint Green with White

For any formal event, wear this combination to charm everyone and anyone who lays eyes on you. The gentle green pastel hue dress with sharp, yet subtle white accessories really complement each other. And if you wish to break in with more pastel pieces, add a pink-hued light cardigan.

Sunshine Yellow with Brown and Orange

The fabulous shade of the dress is so like breath of fresh air.
Even though the sunshine yellow hue appears feminine, it does have a bit of toughness to it. The playfulness of the dress really shines once you have the right pieces to enhance it. Doesn't the ensemble look perfect for a date night?!

Blush Pink with Mint Green

You may think that wearing too many pastel shades might be too much to handle, though I beg to differ.
When you know which hues to pair with one another, you'll see how easy and exciting it is to make the outfit work. Try combining two completely different pastel hues and see the results. If the colors complement your skin tone, I say, go for it.

Peach with Red

Ladies, it's time to toughen up. Let's leave the soft and feminine pieces aside, and go straight for the oomph effect.
And red is one color that will get you there. The fiery red accessories really pop and transform any outfit. Personally, I believe that this ensemble has a "bold and beautiful" touch!
Play with patterns, colors, and styles, and incorporate your individuality for the ensemble. Apart from the dresses, you can even pair a pastel top with neutral, bright, or pastel accessories for a fun and sophisticated take on the trend.