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Accessories to Wear on a Beach Vacation

Buzzle Staff Feb 29, 2020
There are never sufficient accessories to carry for a seaside holiday! To be on the safer side though, always prepare a separate checklist of the accessories you need to wear and the stuff you need to carry, to avoid confusion. For instance, do not include 'camera', 'grill pan' etc., in the list that contains 'sunglasses', 'tote bag', etc.
A lovely sun hat, swimsuit, sunglasses, and a sarong are mandatory accessories for a beach vacation, while jewelry, makeup, snorkel mask, etc., could be optional.

Beachwear Attire

Swimsuits - one-piece or two-piece are a must for ladies. Choose vibrant hues.
A beach vacation need not always imply spending all your time in the water. Pack cool and bright summer dresses and tunics for beach cocktail parties, weddings, tea parties, and the like.
Sarongs, cover-ups, scarves, and more! A simple chiffon sarong will enhance your look completely. Choose contrasting colors - see to it that your swimwear and sarong match well. Prefer colorful ones and pair them with appropriate accessories.
A pair of shorts is all that you need! Pick out clothing made from comfortable, water-friendly fabric.

Beachwear Jewelry

Beach-friendly jewelry is made of straw, shells, crochet, and much more! Beads are one of the most commonly-used material for beach-friendly jewelry. Use necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made of strikingly-colored beads.
What's more beach-friendly than shells and the like? Use shells of different colors and shapes like the ones pictured above.
Sea glass or beach glass, as it is popularly called, is one of the most preferred gemstones for beach specific jewelry. Use necklaces and bracelets of colored sea glass stones, especially for an evening beach cocktail party.
Crochet jewelry is also very popular as they are available in enchanting colors and a variety of designs. Crochet bracelets and necklaces are just what you need for a quiet, peaceful evening on the beach. Pair them with the right outfits though.

Footwear for a Beach Vacation

Flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear you can wear on a beach. They are waterproof and sand-friendly, and are available in a variety of patterns and colors for men and women.
For beach parties and weddings, preferably, use flat footwear, you can even use flip-flop sandals enhanced with colored straps, beads, and stones.
Choose beach-friendly shoes with chic embellishments for semi-formal occasions by the seaside.

Hair Accessories for the Beach

Use vibrant-colored hair bands and beach-friendly clips, like the ones embedded with starfish or shells.
Use floral headbands, embellished Alice bands, and decorative tiaras suitable for an outing at the beach.

Miscellaneous Beach Vacation Accessories

This goes without saying, of course, yet, make sure you carry thick, good-quality towels, a couple more than necessary.
Carry trendy sunglasses with colorful rims and add the oomph factor to your vacation persona!
What good is a beach holiday without the right tote bag? Browse through the innumerable varieties available and choose your favorite! A word of advice though, please do not over-stuff the bag when you go down to the beach for the day.
This is not really a must-carry, but for people who are interested in snorkeling and diving can carry a snorkel mask and other necessary equipment.
You must carry hats to keep away the sun - they are available in numerous styles. Ladies, choose straw hats with a single floral band wrapped around. Guys, stick to straw/cotton hats in simple designs.
Particularly for the ladies - please carry proper makeup. Whether it is for a casual day out or an afternoon party or an crazy evening, ensure you have waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, moisturizer, foundation, etc. And for men and women, both, please carry a suntan lotion.
You need not really be aware of the time when you are on a holiday, right? But if you are still keen, make sure your watch is waterproof. You don't want to carry an expensive watch for your vacation and ruin it!