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Anklets for Women

Kalpana Kumari Feb 10, 2020
Women are never satisfied with their beauty and collection of jewelry, and why should they be? After all, nature has made them beautiful and given ideas to highlight their beauty. One such idea is to wear anklets, ornaments that are worn to highlight the appeal of a woman's legs.
Women all over the world are crazy for jewelry; not only do they love it, but they also want to have a huge collection of all types of it, right from nose pins to toe rings. All pieces of jewelry have a unique decorum and purpose. Necklaces, finger rings, and nose pins are among those ornamental pieces that get noticed and complemented easily.
But there is an amazing ornament that may not be easy to notice, but when it does, it completely arrests the attention of the viewer. This piece of jewelry is worn around the ankles, and is known as an anklet.
They highlight a woman's legs and increase their beauty. The women who wear or have worn anklets at some point in their life simply describe anklets as things that define femininity.

Some Interesting Facts

As has been mentioned above, anklets are chain-like or bracelet-like ornaments that are worn around the ankle. They are also known by a variety of other names such as paayal, jhanjhar, pazeb, etc.
The trend of wearing anklets finds its origin in Egypt, Arabian countries, and India. They can be made of gold, silver, and even with some less-expensive metals such as bronze, and materials like leather, nylon, plastic, etc.
In India, anklets are very important for women and are generally worn by them during marriages. Indian women wear anklets on both legs. However, in other parts of the world, majority of women prefer to wear an anklet on one leg only.
In the northern parts of India, you will find silver anklets for women to be very popular. As you go down and reach the southern regions, you will get to see ones made from gold as more popular.
Anklets can be flexible as well as inflexible. The former type are made by linking small units in order to form a chain. It may or may not be attached with a sonorous bell. The purpose of the sonorous bell is to make a pleasant sound while the wearer walks. The latter type, or inflexible anklets are formed by giving shape to a flat metal sheet.

Making Them at Home

Wearing anklets and highlighting the legs is a rage among women. There are many young and old women who have never worn anklets in their lives but are now looking forward to give it a shot. If you are such a person, then you might be doubtful about how your legs look with the anklets. 
If you wish to see how your leg will look like when you put an anklet on it, here is a cheap yet effective way out. Make one at home and put it on to see yourself and judge whether it suits you or not.

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Collect some decorative beads. You may get those from an old necklace or bracelet.
Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your ankle. Increase the distance by about 3 centimeters.
Take a nylon thread and cut it out at a length equal to what you derived in the previous step. Insert one end into the hole of a needle. Join both the ends and form a knot.
Insert the beads through the needle to form a chain. Take out the needle. Put the chain around your ankle and tie a knot at the point where the two ends meet.

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The knot will hold the chain in place. This chain solves the purpose of an anklet.
So? Are you convinced with how it looks? Now all you need to do is start stocking up on these pretty pieces of jewelry and start stunning those who look at you! Happy dazzling!