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8 Awesome Ways to Wear Purple

Sheetal Mandora
Can't do without having purple in your wardrobe? Fear not because this story gives you not 1 or 2, but 8 awesome ways to wear purple and look foxy.

Did You Know?

The color purple affects us physically. It calms the mind and nerves, offers a sense of spirituality, and encourages creativity.
With various shades to choose from, purple is a majestic color for any season. Plus, this regal color has the power to spice up your wardrobe in no time. From rich burgundies to cool pastels, sizzle your way to gorgeousness with these 8 tips to wear purple.

How and What to Wear with Purple

While piling on accessories and other clothing items, make sure that you don't crowd the main color―purple. It has to be the winner of your ensemble, and also a piece that brings it all together. But don't be afraid to experiment with some bold accessories to liven up an outfit. Keeping these points in mind, let's check out some of our ideas.
It's A Summer Thing
It's your very own LPD―Little Purple Dress. This vivacious LPD should be your must-have piece this season.
It has a personality like no other. Wear accessories in dark brown and softer shades of purple to outshine anyone who crosses your path. Since the dress is lacking embellishments, you can bring in some fun with shoes and jewelry. But be careful as to not overcomplicate your outfit as it's supposed to stay as chilled out as possible.
Let's Talk Layers
Want to show your cozy, yet glam side? What better way than a stylish purple jacket to complete the outfit. And the graceful addition of white here is simply divine. This outfit is a wonderful choice when you have to head outta the door in a hurry. With limited yet vital pieces to put on, the purple hues just jump out and grab your attention.
Wear this sexy number, and be ready for some serious attention coming your way; all good, of course.
Modern But Girly
If you're a risk taker and love the idea of mixing colors, then this, my dear, is the outfit for you. The bold and beautiful skirt paired with the cool and chic blouse make an excellent combo. Choose your accessories with care, and you're ready to spread some hotness around.
My lovelies, now's the time you embrace your inner goddess, and walk with your head held high.
It's an Innovative Monochrome
The can't-get-wrong combination of purple with black can leave anyone speechless. With sexy boots and a gold necklace complementing your to-die-for dress, this outfit adds an unexpected but brilliant "wow" factor. And if you'd like, add a sexy black jacket to keep the fun element going.
Can't seem to part with your tomboy-style dressing? Well, you don't have to.
Be a "Girly" Tomboy
Who said that you always have to dress feminine? Not me. So, get your cute shorts out, and add a cute top to make a minute blend of girly-tomboy look. You can let the accessories be, if you're going for a relaxed appeal. But, the right accessories can really make a difference. Choose the accessories in the same shade; it keeps the final look refined.
Strapless purple top―check. Jean skirt―check. Cute accessories to complement the outfit―check.
Just Be Sexy
This outfit begs you to channel your inner fun fashionista, doesn't it? There aren't too many pieces to this ensemble, but they are definitely enough. So, let's embrace our "less is more" philosophy, and work this outfit for a casual meet and greet with friends.
Going for an evening wedding or a cocktail reception? How about this cute ensemble to create some magic.
For a Cocktail Night
The color works wonders for a fall wedding, and can make a good bridesmaids dress (if these are the wedding colors). Plus, it makes a great date dress for after the wedding, too!
Wouldn't this ensemble be perfect on a hot summer day?!
Hot Hued Shorts
It's a great outfit for a weekend social gathering with friends, a romantic yet adventurous date, or even a cozy lunch. Basically, you can wear this outfit anywhere you like. And if the weather isn't as warm as you'd want it to be, wear a summer sweater as your top.
If you're not too comfortable wearing bright shades, use deep shades of this hue instead of neutrals. But no matter which shade you pick, purple undoubtedly exudes sophistication and elegance. So, what are you waiting for? Ransack your closet, now.