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7 Awesome Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

Buzzle Staff Feb 14, 2020
A shirt dress is probably the most versatile piece of clothing in the world! You don't have to think much about how to wear a shirt dress, coz you can wear it with literally anything. Leggings, jeans, boots, jackets, scarves, skirts, etc., the options are indeed galore.
When the weather starts becoming a little chilly, throw in a denim jacket over a shirt dress. It will look super cool on a striped or plaid shirt dress.
Shirt dresses are comfortable and effortless. Though loose works fine for those hot days, a dress clinched at the waist will look more shapely and stylish. Thin belts look better on these dresses. If your dress is plain, a slightly thicker belt with a design will work wonders for you.
Shirt dress and boots are like a match made in heaven. Then, take the look few notches high with a hat or a jacket.
On very cold days, stockings won't be sufficient to insulate you from the cold. Pair your shirt dress with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. Knee-length boots, a jacket, and a scarf will complete the ensemble perfectly.
A shirt dress looks totally stylish with leggings, jeggings, or skinny jeans. You can dress up or down this look by choosing the right accessories. For a biker-chic look, wear high boots and a leather jacket.
A leather jacket will instantly turn your casual shirt dress into a stylish outfit. Knee-length boots in neutral colors like black or brown will perfectly complement this pairing.
For a casual laid-back look, pair your shirt dress with colorful sneakers. A long bead necklace or a chunky bracelet and a handbag will complete your day look. Wearing a belt is optional, but it is preferable to ditch the belt for a more effortless look.