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10 Belts Every Woman Should Own

Tulika Nair Mar 3, 2020
Function and aesthetics―a belt is that rare accessory that serves both purposes. This story gives you a list of the 10 belts that a woman simply must own.

Trippy Twosome

Want to try something quirky? How about wearing two belts together? Wear a skinny belt over a wide belt for a fun effect. Just remember that the belts should be in contrasting colors.
Any woman who loves clothes and putting together outfits will tell you that the most fun part of the entire process is the accessorizing. Picking the right necklace so that the outfit pops, the fun earrings so there is enough elegance, the arm candy that will keep your hands adorned; there is always so much to look forward to with accessories.
And with winter here, and layering a fashion must, the one accessory that we can always depend on is the belt. It brings an outfit together. It creates a silhouette for you when over-sized sweaters and jackets threaten to overwhelm, and let's not forget, it keeps your trousers where they are supposed to be.
But do you know that there are as many as ten belts that you simply must have in your wardrobe? Surprised? Welcome to Belts 101. Here's everything you would want to know.

The Classic

This is the belt that all of us are familiar with. It's the one we look for when we want to tighten our pants; the one we depend on. For such a belt, we suggest you keep it simple. Ensure it's in a basic, neutral color, it isn't skinny, it's not thicker than 4mm, it is made of quality leather, and lastly, that it has a classic-styled buckle.
As important as this belt is, finding a good one can be a long (and expensive) process. So, if you need to shell out a few extra bucks while buying this one, don't feel too guilty. This is the basic that your belt shelf will feel pretty incomplete without..

The Wide

This belt has been making quite the appearance in the last few years. It is perfect for the occasion when you need to give an otherwise shapeless outfit an enviable silhouette. It can also be quite versatile as it can be styled in several different ways. But it is also a style that is worn incorrectly very often.
If you aren't exactly in the best of physical shape and have a small tummy, then try to avoid these belts or alternatively, wear one that is only about 2-inches in width so that it flatters you but is not overwhelming. Having said that, this style is perfect for fashion experiments like layering, so have one in your closet.

The Skinny

This belt is the current darling of the fashion world. It adds a level of interest to any outfit and ups the quirk factor (or elegance quotient, depending on the event). It is also a great addition on low-waist pants. This style works beautifully on shorter and petite women.
On a larger woman, it can look slightly disproportionate but if worn over a cardigan or dress, it can be carried off well. The belt you pick should be less than 1-inch in width to achieve that trendy, modern look.
Always have basic colors and printed versions in your wardrobe as this will help you create new looks. If you want something different, you can choose to wear two skinny belts together.

The Elasticated

Perfect for creating that perfect little cinched waist, you can also wear this belt further down for a more comfortable look. Also known as a stretch belt, this is an extremely comfortable buy that stretches to adjust and mold itself to your body.
If you are on the slightly heavier side and want to opt for a wide belt, we suggest you pick one with elastic in it as it will instantly create an hourglass figure that is exceptionally flattering. With an outfit that has modern silhouettes, this belt can create a focal point.

The Woven Belt

Frankly, there's probably not a woman alive who does not like the woven belt. And this is probably one of the most stylistic and flattering belt styles out there. Opt for a belt in either brown or tan so that it is essentially a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
Since it can be belted through at any length, you can wear it either low-slung, at your pants' waist, or even your natural waist. Ensure that you pick a belt of high quality and sturdy weaves. If even after buckling the belt, you are left with quite a bit of it, knot it with the belt and tuck it under, instead of pulling it through the loops.

The Tied

Not the most conventional of belts, it is also one of the easier ones to obtain. A scarf, a tie, a piece of fabric; pretty much anything could function as a tied belt if you want to flirt with the idea. It allows you to tie your outfit to create an interest level in it. If you have a tiny waist, then we suggest that you pick a narrow piece of fabric. With an average length waist, pick a sash-style belt which has a width of about 3-inches at least. For someone with a longer waist, both styles tend to work beautifully.

The Hip-hugging

More of an aesthetic addition to your outfit than a functional one, this belt is worn over your jeans and not through the loops. For larger women, a belt that is asymmetrical or v-shaped is most flattering. An asymmetrical belt is one in which one end of the belt falls over the other in an asymmetrical/diagonal manner.
And a v-shaped one is in which, when the belt is buckled, a 'v' shape is created. If you want to give the illusion of a longer and slimmer body, then wear a belt that matches the color of your outfit.

The Metallic

Now, you may think '80s when you think of a metallic-colored belt, but you can easily make this style modern and up-to-date by wearing it with darker tones, and ensuring that your belt is not let's-blind-everyone shiny but has a more subtle glimmer.
A metal-inspired belt can instantly glam up your outfit and give it some funk. While belts that are on the wider side may be interesting, we love the skinny metallic styles that can be combined together so that we can work the mixed metals trend as well.

The Colorful

Wide, skinny, in-between, you can go any way with a colorful belt and you will get all the vibrancy that you need for an outfit. A simple dress can go from yeah-it's-okay to OMG-that's-brilliant, with a perkily colored belt. It requires you to put in absolutely no effort except look pretty when you are getting the compliments.
From bright neons to enviable reds, and bubbly yellows, look at the rainbow for inspiration. The only thing to remember is that since the belt is going to be a focal point, ensure that you don't place it incorrectly and get unwanted attention.

The Two-Toned

This is our little extra for you. While not a complete must-own, this belt can actually be a winner if you team it with an appropriate outfit. It can create exactly the polished look that you want in a work outfit, and it can add that little fun element when you want a more whimsical appearance. If the belt is simply two-toned and dual textured, then ensure that your buckle is eye-catching. If the belt has two contrasting yet strong colors, then let the buckle
be understated.
If belts have rated low on your buying list till now, it's time you went shopping for them. Not only are belts quite the investment (ask the guy in your life. He'll vouch for it), they also add immediate class to an outfit. An accessory that can take any outfit from simple to stylish in a matter of minutes, a belt should be your go-to. It's time you started your love story with it.