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Evocative Bohemian Clothing Styles

Aastha Dogra
In the recent times, bohemian clothing style has picked up massively. Here are few tips on this eccentric and free-spirited dressing.
The word "Bohemian" was used for the first time by the French, in the eighteenth century to refer to people, especially gypsies, who refused to live and act according to the popular culture.
This term again found itself in the thick of things during the later half of the nineteenth century, when the Hippie movement flourished in America and Europe. This type of dressing is largely based on the beliefs of bohemian culture.
It emphasized on freedom, creativity, and revolting against the conservative society. This culture focused on humanity, harmony, and peace rather than going after the materialistic things in life. The same philosophy found its voice in the clothing as well. If you too are interested in getting a boho makeover, here are some tips.


  • This clothing is about expressing your individuality rather than just following the latest trend. So, create your own look by mixing and matching different clothes, in accordance with your liking and personality.
  • The patterns are generally bold and made in contrasting bright colors. So, use cloth materials dark in color with big patterns on them.
  • When choosing shirts, select the ones with puff sleeves or bell sleeves. Tunics and knee length tank tops, which can be worn over pants make for a good boho shirt.
  • If you want to highlight your figure, then shirts which can be tied behind at the waist, or below the bust, can be worn.
  • Pants include the gauchos, bell bottoms, and slacks. The clothing for women is full of bold patterns, so choose the lowers which have large flowers on them or any large print which has natural things, such as sea, trees, stones, etc., on them.
  • If you are looking for boho jeans, then go for the ones which are boot cut, high waited, or are skin tight.
  • Pants with patch work and military fatigues make a great style statement.
  • While choosing pants and lowers, take care that the fabric for the same is free-flowing. Also, if you are a wearing loose top, wear a tight lower or pajama, and if you have opted for a tight top, wear loose lowers.
  • Skirts should be made of rich fabric with lots of sequins, jewels, and mirror work on them.
  • Wearing a micro mini over a layered, long, and floor length skirt, is the perfect way to bring out the hippie in you.
  • Boho dresses are made of cotton. They make for an excellent evening summer wear.
  • Coming to jewelry, inexpensive jewelry made from stone, wood, glass, and other cheap materials should be worn.
  • Long Necklaces and chunky rings, made from beads or tarnished metal, are a good way to accessorize the clothes.
  • Scarves, bandannas, and broad belts, all bohemian style accessories.
  • The bags and purses made up of soft cloth materials, are over sized, with lots of mirror work or patch work on them. So, you can go for a shoulder bag or satchel to match with your outfit.
As you can see, boho fashion clothing is all about being yourself and saying no to what the designers recommend. It is all about wearing something unique, away from what the crowd wears, something that makes you feel good.
So, what are you waiting for? Gather your old clothes, curtains, pillow covers, and old jewelry, and stitch a brand new bohemian style outfit for yourself!