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An Overview of Canary Diamond

The canary diamond is a unique and rare diamond found in the world. As the name suggests, it is yellow in color.
Madhura Pandit
No woman will deny that a diamond is simply the most incomparable objects found on the Earth. There also goes the clich├ęd saying that diamonds are a woman's best friends and diamond jewelry as a gift rarely fails to impress a woman. The white or the traditional diamond, although the most beautiful one, is a commonplace now.
The word 'diamond' is almost synonymous with the white diamond which is still valuable, but, common. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, set in a distinct type of diamond, then you can look for the canary or yellow diamond jewelry.

What is a Canary Diamond

You must be aware that diamonds are available in a variety of colors like white, pink, green, blue, and black. The canary diamond is a variety of yellow diamond, which is quite distinct from the other shades of yellow diamonds that have darker shades of vivid yellow or traces of green.
This diamond is a pure, light yellow without any traces of other color shades. It is named so because the color resembles the coat of a canary bird. It is also called a lemon yellow diamond or simply, the lemon diamond.
Nearly all the naturally occurring stones have a symbolism or meanings associated with them. The canary yellow diamond is associated with cheerfulness and vitality. This yellow color, also known as the sunshine yellow, also stands for prosperity and joy.
Therefore, if your beloved is known for these traits, is a fun-loving person, then the diamond is just for her. This diamond can be set with any other colored diamond as it complements every other stone color. It is also a perfect option for exclusive and unique jewelry pieces like an engagement ring for your beloved.

Jewelry Designs

Engagement rings, made with colored diamonds, is a popular trend. You need to make a choice of the diamond (the cut, carat, and color) before making the actual ring. You can go for the princess cut, the classic round cut, the Asscher cut, or the classic Tiffany cut for these rings.
These engagement rings are usually made in white gold or platinum as the white color enhances the yellow color of the diamond. However, some people also tend to use yellow gold as it is cheaper as compared to platinum.
Along with engagement rings, you can also use this diamond to make necklaces and earrings. Dangling earrings, specifically, made with canary diamonds and platinum look really awesome. At the same time, you can set diamonds of other colors like white diamonds or pink diamonds, etc., along with the yellow one to make an exquisite piece of jewelry.
The real, natural diamonds are expensive, and the price of the overall ring or jewelry piece depends on the size and cut of stone and the metal used (like platinum costs the most among all metals). On the other hand, synthetic diamonds or artificially colored diamonds are a lot cheaper than the natural ones (and look just the same!).
Among all the different types of diamonds available, the canary diamond is one of the rarest and best types for those who wish to be different. You can definitely choose the best and set it to make the most beautiful piece of jewelry for the woman you love. Good luck!