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Casual Business Dress Code

Dhanya Joy Mar 7, 2020
A casual business dress code allows employees to be comfortable and appear professional at the same time. It is an inexpensive way of giving a boost to the employee morale. Read on to know more on that aspect.
Termed as 'business casual' in the corporate world, the casual business dress code was first introduced in 1970s at the 'white collar' workplaces and the trend continues to evolve even today. The corporate world took to this change easily and welcomed it with open arms as it provided them with a certain level of comfort and ease at the workplace. 
Business casual dressing is said to have a significant positive effect on employee morale and the companies implementing it are said to be giving importance to employee needs. It is also an essential aspect of business etiquette and workplace ethics.
However, the business casual dress policy applies only to certain employees who do not need to interact directly or in person with their clients.
As far as the company is concerned, professionalism is not really hampered by the business casual dress attire, but when it comes to client interaction, true professionalism would mean following the professional dress code.

What is Business Casual Dress Code?

A business casual dress code is nothing but a nice blend of formal and casual dressing. The dress code for business casual emphasizes comfort while maintaining the professionalism at the same time. The 'casual' dress code can include clothing like jeans or t-shirts, well but it again can slightly vary as per the policies of the companies. So, make sure you get a clear picture of the dress code in your company before you put on your own attire.

Casual Business Wear For Women

Suits, Blazers, and Jackets

Shirts and Trousers



For women wanting to dress business casual, you have a lot of options to choose from. When it come to shirts and jackets, clothes like casual shirts, sweaters, golf shirts, and turtleneck shirts can be worn. 
As far as jackets are concerned, suit jackets are included as a casual business attire. Please do not go to work wearing tube tops, halters, off shoulders and t-shirts that have logos, pictures or offensive words, though plain t-shirts can be worn below a shirt, jacket or blouse.
If you decide to wear a skirt, it should be below the knee with a slit at the back and same is the case with dresses. Mini-skirts, sundresses and off-shoulder dresses are inappropriate to wear. Pants that are appropriate as per the virtue of this dress code include cotton, flannel and wool pants, dressy capris, and Khaki pants.
Please dismiss the thought of wearing sweat pants, if it was hovering in your mind. As for the jeans, please steer clear from distressed and acidic wash ones; wear plain-colored denim that melds with the casual business ensemble. Keep your jewelry and makeup as minimal as possible. Shoes that have a closed front are appropriate as per the dress code.

Casual Business Wear For Men

Men should stick to their usual office wear to comply with the casual business dress code. However, you can skip wearing a full suit or a tie or a full suit jacket to work. You can do just fine with a formal collared shirt and formal cotton or khaki pants, teamed up with an elegant belt.

Remember not to button down your shirt or roll up your sleeves too much. Keep the cologne and perfume minimal, and do not wear flashy athletic shoes to work; instead wear loafers with socks.

Some Tips to Remember

  • To get a clear idea of how to dress business casual in your company, observe your fellow workers well.
  • Always wear clothes that are well ironed, neat, and well-fitted. Do not wear wrinkled and untidy clothes to work. The dresses should not be too tight or too loose.
  • Do not compromise on the quality of the business casual dress attire as it will show and appear shabby.
  • Hair and facial hair should be well-groomed. Women should groom their nails and hair very well.
  • While wearing skirts, women should make sure that they are comfortable when seated. It should not be revealing.
  • Men should wear dark-colored socks up to a length that does not show off their skin when seated.
Hope these tips and ideas help you dress appropriately to your workplace. Remember, keeping it minimal and classy, yet stylish and professional is the key to dressing appropriately.