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Chocolate Diamond Jewelry: What are Chocolate Diamonds

Madhura Pandit Mar 12, 2020
Chocolates and diamonds are considered a woman's best friends. How surprised one would be to find a chocolate colored sparkling diamond? Chocolate diamonds, as they are called, are gaining popularity nowadays. Here is some information about these gems and their jewelry.
Diamond jewelry is very popular all over the world. As they are rarely found, diamonds are very expensive. Diamonds are found in a variety of colors ranging from colorless, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange to brown and black. As there are many color options available, one has a large variety to choose from.
Colored diamonds should not be confused with colored gemstones. For e.g., a blue diamond, although looks like a sapphire, is completely different. Diamonds are made of carbon, whereas other gemstones are made of different materials.
The spacing of nitrogen atoms in the diamond determines its shade. Here we will see more on chocolate diamonds. Are they real? Let us take a look at it in detail.

What are Chocolate Diamonds

Well, these diamonds are definitely real. It is the name given to brown colored diamonds. However, the term 'chocolate diamond' is a brand name of that belongs to Le Vian. The color of the diamond darkens due to the pressure of the earth on the diamonds when they are buried deep inside.
They have similar properties as that of other colored diamonds. They are found in a variety of shades of brown. The following are the shades of chocolate diamonds:
Cognac (deep reddish-orange hue)
Champagne (warm, golden brown)
Honey (deep orange-yellow)
Clove (olive-brown)
Cinnamon (light brown)
Among the rest, chocolate, cognac and champagne are the most common shades. Chocolate diamonds are prominently mined in Argyle Diamond Mine in Kimberly; and also in other places in Australia, Africa and Russia. No other deposits of these diamonds have been found to date.
Although these 'low color' diamonds were once considered as lower grade diamonds, today it is the most popular diamond color shade all over the world. Authentic chocolate diamonds are also very rare and hence, they are very popular.
However, artificial ones can also be created by artificially coloring them. Although they are not artificial, people who wish to buy an all authentic diamond may not want to go for it.


Chocolate colored diamonds are less expensive than colorless or white diamonds; therefore, prove to be a good option for the budget-conscious people. They are considered as an alternative to conventional diamonds and are more in demand nowadays. Chocolate diamond jewelry looks great when combined with colorless or colored diamonds.
Much of this jewelry is made in combination with other diamonds, gold and white gold. These diamonds can be used to make earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. A brown diamond as the centerpiece with white diamonds around or vice versa is the most popular and sought after design for making an engagement ring.
Aquamarine paired with chocolate-colored diamond is a heavenly and stunning combination. According to some jewelers, aquamarine provides beauty and warmth to the piece of jewelry. Aquamarine symbolizes a happy marriage. Therefore, these rings are gaining a lot of popularity.
One of the other interesting facts about chocolate diamonds is that they complement brown eyes. But, others have no reason to be discouraged as they definitely leave an impact on the spectator.
One has to be very careful while shopping for a chocolate diamond. Some jewelers make fake brown colored diamonds by exposing diamonds of lower grade to radiations and changing the color to brown. Such diamonds look like the original ones but they are not valuable and have no resale value.
You must remember to buy the stone from a trusted jeweler. It is also essential to get a certificate signifying the diamond's origin which will prove its authenticity.
The deeper the color of the diamond, the more expensive it is. Chocolate diamond jewelry is in great demand as many celebrities have been pictured flaunting it. It has made its way to the red carpet. The trend of having a chocolate or champagne diamond engagement ring is estimated to rise quickly.
These diamonds have a mesmerizing effect on the onlooker as they catch light at every angle. Given an opportunity, you must definitely opt for these diamonds. These rare, champagne-colored diamonds will surely win your heart!