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Choosing the Best Skirt that Suits Your Body Shape

Naomi Sarah Mar 2, 2020
Choosing the best skirt to suit your frame is no easy task. Instead of throwing on something that will draw bad attention to your poor choice, look into these important tips on how to choose the best skirt for your body type.
Every woman should have in her closet a skirt, which is just as important as a trusty pair of jeans or a sartorially perfect blazer that goes with just about anything.
Closet essentials when absent, tend to bring on a wave of doubt and a loss in self-confidence when it comes to looking your best every morning. You do not want to come off as sloppy and indifferent, because your outward appearance speaks for who you are professionally and otherwise.
No one is telling you to undergo a complete makeover; just put in a little effort while shopping, and spend your hard-earned money on what will look good on you. What you need is a guide on how to shop for skirts, which is important if you want to look fabulous in it. You'll also learn what to pair with a skirt that is de rigueur, and not a faux pas.

How to Choose a Skirt Designed for Your Body Shape

Picking out a skirt that highlights all the right areas, while minimally shrouding flaws is what you need. Whether you have a tiny frame, a bulky one or the kind that falls in the boyish category - there are skirts custom-made just for you in the market.
When it comes to shopping for skirts, choose a high-end store, or one that is known for good quality stuff that is imported. Brands may make you feel wary of their pricey fashion wear, but trust me, investing in a good pair of pants especially a skirt, will be well worth the buy.
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When you use your money wisely to pick out a skirt that may seem a tad pricey, think of how long it will withstand the test of time and remain fashionable.

Curvy and Pear-Shaped Women

A High-Waisted Pencil Skirt is best suited for you...
You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt, where those with curves can now take advantage of this undying fashion trend-setter.
Women with a wide midriff, or those with a heavy bottom, can use a pencil skirt to bring out those luscious curves that they try so hard to cover-up behind ghastly skirts that don't hug lower bodies the way they should.
Curvy women should wear pencil skirts that don't hug their lower halves too tight, opting instead for a high-waisted pencil skirt that stays close to the body yet not plastering itself against your frame.
Women with pear-shaped/hourglass figures should opt for the opposite, with skirts fitted close to the body to bring out the best that your curves have to offer. Always have these skirts coupled with a top that's been tucked in, with say silk blouses with slightly puffed sleeves that'll do the trick.
Experiment with bright colors to highlight your upper half, while going with subdued-color pencil skirts to complete the package. Knee-length or half an inch above your knees is the perfect length for both body types.

Pear-Shaped Women

A Semi-Pleated Skirt is best suited for you...
Too many pleats draw attention to a woman with a pear-shaped body, so choose skirts with minimal pleats that taper off as the skirt ends. In the image, you'll see how the skirt is pinched around the waist, only to fall in soft pleats as it runs down the length of the skirt.
It will give your pear-shaped bottom a well-rounded look, without accentuating it in a way that doesn't flatter. When it comes to pear-shaped women, make sure the skirt has a slim band that sits atop your hips (or add a skinny belt), to give your lower half a flattened, hourglass look.

Petite/Curvy Women

A Mini/Knee-Length A-Line Skirt is best suited for you...
The image shows a mini A-line skirt that would work great for petite women, since the shortened length would elongate your legs - a pair of heels to match would complete the ensemble. Curvy women can take advantage of the A-line skirt's flair, seeing that it takes attention away from curvy hips.
Let it comfortably hug your waist, since it creates an hourglass look instantly from the waist down. Pair it up with a thin belt to draw attention to your waist, but avoid wide belts. Choose tops that are loose, but not unshapely or go with a fitted blouse - don't wear one that looks like you're wearing a size too small.

Slim/Petite/Boyish Framed Women

A Ruffled Tulip Skirt/Plain Tulip Skirt is best suited for you...
A tulip skirt with ruffles, like the green silk one here with the slightly puffed sides (aka bubble skirt), is quite an exquisite catch when it comes to an essential addition to a wardrobe. It comes with either pockets/a belt in place, and is available in a wide range of materials, from tweed and leather, to silk and knit.
Paired with a silk belt or a leather one, transforms the skirt into a fun, chic, oomph-guaranteed and smart addition. Knee-length tulip skirts work well for boyish and slim figures, while petite women can experiment with shorter versions of the same.
Paired with striped tops, or single-color toned shirts with slightly puffed sleeves, works best. Don't be afraid to mix and match these two pieces with vibrant blouses, while keeping the color of your skirt dark or mellow.

Slim/Average-Build Women

A Full Pleated Skirt is best suited for you...
Slim women, or those with medium-sized frames have the luxury of wearing skirts that have multiple pleats, like you can see in the image. Slim women should pick out a skirt that sits on their waist or hips, to accentuate their midriff.
When picking out a full pleated skirt, go with materials like cotton, silk, knit or Georgette with two layered fabrics. Skirts that end just a little above the knees, or one that falls midway past your calf, will work wonders to camouflage flaws, and highlight your assets.

How to Wear Alternative Skirt Options

If you're still perplexed about how to choose a skirt that is more you, let's take a look at some more options that are likely to help. These will help you to formulate an idea of how to pair up outfits using a skirt that best suits you.
Mini Denim/Formal Skirts (Slim/Petite/Pear-Shaped Women)
If you have legs that anyone would kill to have, these skirts can do wonders to help you flaunt them like they should be. Pear-shaped women should stick to a skirt that ends just above the knees, and not midway up your thighs. Add a pair of stockings to go with the skirt and the look transforms instantly with your legs looking longer, and shapely.
A leather/tweed blazer in hues of gray, black or ink blue works hand-in-hand for any kind of look that you want to pull off. Be it to the office, or attending a fun gathering, the short skirt has its way of blending into a scene.
If short denim skirts aren't something you can pull off at work, go with its formal counterpart - the mini formal. Choose one that hugs your figure and is about an inch away from your knees.
Bohemian Skirts (Slim/Petite Women)
A boho skirt comes in varied prints, where its soft, flowing material is comfortable to be in and is a style that you can work with easily. Whether it's a stroll on the beach, a brunch with friends or a walk in the park on a lazy Sunday, the boho skirt comes in handy for a fuss-free get up.
Team up a printed boho skirt with a one-toned colored wife beater or halter/tube top, with a scarf/muffler casually draped around your neck. Accessorize the entire look with chunky jewelry and a pair of fun flip-flops.
Mid-Calf Length Skirts (Boyish Framed/Curvy Women)
For women with lanky or athletic frames, mid-calf skirts can help shape your body into one that is more feminine and alluring. It takes attention away from your entire frame, bringing into focus your most prized assets - your waist and hips.
Curvaceous women, you may hate your hips, but these skirts can douse your worries as they blend the visual of your hips and waist together in a way that makes you feel more confident about your middle. Boyish framed women can take advantage of the girly-esque feel to the skirt, where it gives you a facade that is more womanly.
Semi-Flared/Fitting Knee-Length Lace Skirts (Petite/Slim/Pear-Shaped Women)
A delicate choice no doubt, the detailing of lace can switch a look from mediocre to refined and elegant. Choose pastel shades to lay stress on detailing, or use a skirt with overlaying lace work, or one that borders a calf-length/tulip skirt.
You can pair it up with a lace top and a silk/leather belt across your waist (thin not wide), or go with blouses that have light detail work, since the skirt's intricate lace work in itself is enough for the eye to take in.
Choosing the best skirt that suits your body shape I hope is made easy now with this help guide, where some store personnel are ready to help you make a choice that is more befitting than upsetting.
Never compromise when it comes to keeping your style quotient in check, and also trust that a good store will give you just what you're aiming to buy.