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Choosing a Strapless Dress that Makes You Look Stunning

Tulika Nair Feb 15, 2020
An evening on the red carpet or a fun date with your better half; whatever the event, a strapless dress brings out the woman in you. Picking out the perfect dress though, can be quite the task. Here's how you can make the right choice.

The Perfect Dress

The most amazing strapless dress will hold its shape even when it is hung on a hanger. The pattern of the dress should be such that it shows off your figure and hugs your curves in the right places.
Fun, sexy, elegant, feminine―these are just some of the many adjectives that come to mind when you think of the ever-popular strapless dress. While not the most comfortable dress to wear, few other patterns can accentuate the femininity of a woman's figure as well.
But most women are so occupied with constantly tugging and adjusting it that the sexy quotient of the dress takes a beating. Why is it so difficult to pick the right strapless dress? Most women are simply unaware of the anatomy of the dress, and how to pick one. This story provides you with a list of tips to help you decide the best fit.

What You Need to Look for in a Strapless Dress

It's not easy to pick a showstopping strapless number. There are several things that you need to pay attention to. From the stitching of the dress to its fit, to how it works for your body shape; the aspects are many and varied.
Finding that perfectly-fitting strapless dress may seem like an impossible task, but trust us when we say that if you pay heed to some tiny details, you are definitely going to make a stunning statement in the dress you choose.

Ensure that the Dress has a Proper Structure

While formless, hippie-inspired strapless maxi dresses are all the rage right now, very few women can actually pull off that look. When buying a dress that is off-shoulders and does not have any sleeves, it is important that you buy one that has some structure.
This is all the more important so that the dress stays up without you having to constantly pull at it. There are two elements that define the dress' structure.
  • A dress with a proper structure will always have good boning. This is the rigid yet flexible piece of plastic that runs vertically through the bodice of the dress from the waist till the top, and allows the dress to properly support a woman's body.
Sufficient and good boning will support the front, back, and sides of a dress, and ensure that the dress is held up. It should not, under any circumstance, dig into your waist or your arms.
  • Another important aspect to look for is proper waist support. While this is something that you could attach to the dress in the form of a wide belt, an inbuilt support is always better.

Check for a Proper Fit at the Bustline

One of the oft-reiterated problems with a strapless dress is that it keeps slipping. Therefore, it is important that your dress have a tight bustline that is form-fitting. Don't pick one that is too snug as that will constrict your movement and make you very uncomfortable.
If you are heavy on the top, then pick a dress that is made of a stretch fabric or one that has some form of ornamentation in the way of ruffles and the like so that it is not too revealing.

Pick the Right Skirt for the Dress

Just like the upper part of the dress is called the bodice, the lower part is referred to as the skirt. While picking a strapless dress, we suggest that you pick one which has a skirt that is loose around your hips and thighs.
While column strapless dresses can look great on some body types, on most women, a fuller skirt looks gorgeous. With a loose skirt, the seams won't be too tight when you sit down, and will make the dress infinitely more comfortable.

Always Try the Dress for Unhindered Movement

Trying on a dress before you buy it goes without saying. But what is more important is that you move around in it. When you go to purchase the dress, try it on with the same bra that you plan to wear under it. This will help you learn how the dress will look on d-day.
Once you wear it, walk around in it, sit down, stretch as if you are reaching for something, bend down to fasten your shoes, etc. In short, try to get a sense of how the dress falls on you. If the dress needs to be constantly tugged at, or is too constrictive, then put it aside.
If you are buying a maxi dress, it is also important that you wear it with the right shoe height.

Choose a Dress According to Your Body Type

The strapless pattern is a difficult style to wear. Therefore, it is important that you pick the dress according to your body type. If you have a small bust, then you need a dress that has a fitted bustline so that it does not slip constantly.
If, on the other hand, you are heavy on the top, a sweetheart neckline can do wonders as it beautifies your cleavage, and provides better support. Are broad shoulders your problem area? It may be a good idea to wear a shawl or a shrug as these take away attention from your shoulders. Wear darker colors for a slimmer silhouette.

Match Your Dress to the Occasion

This is a point that cannot be stressed enough. Strapless dresses are no longer confined to wedding gowns. From prom dresses to red carpet gowns to pretty sundresses, this is a pattern that has been embraced for every occasion.
But always ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the event. A long maxi dress with Aztec prints may be great for a vacation at a resort, but it is a complete no-no for a formal, black-tie event.

Make Quality Your Number One Preference

We are not suggesting that you break the bank to buy your outfit but it may be a good idea to invest in a good quality dress. Whether you get this at the flea market, a thrift store, a vintage outlet, or a high-end fashion store, completely depends on you and your budget. .
But there are some things that you should definitely not compromise on. Check the quality of the fabric, the lining of the dress, and the padding (if any). The lining should be comfortable and breathable. The boning should be suitably padded so that it does not hurt you. A low-quality dress will give you fitting and comfort issues.
While these tips are important when picking a strapless dress, it is even more important that you wear the right bra. Without the perfect support, your dress may still not do much.
That you should pick a strapless bra goes without saying, but we suggest you pick one which has an underwire and a push-up effect. For those who find strapless bras uncomfortable, opt for a corset-type bra that reaches down till your waist.
Once you have found the perfect strapless dress for your needs, the right accessories, makeup, and hairstyle also go a long way in making the look perfect. With such an outfit, it is important that you keep the accessorizing simple and understated.
A simple string of beads or a dainty pendant are perfect for the neck. If earrings are more your style, then we suggest a pair of danglers. For a daytime look, tie up your hair into a pony or leave it open for a feminine look. For a fancy nighttime affair, an elegant updo can do wonders.
The perfect strapless dress may be difficult to find, but once you get one that fits you beautifully, you will have a perfect companion in your wardrobe for all events where you need to look your gorgeous best.