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Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

Tulika Nair
Every woman on this planet would want to own a scintillating beautiful piece of platinum jewelry. But once you own it, you also need to know how to clean it well. In this story, we will give you tips for cleaning your treasured jewelry so that you can ensure a long life for them.
There are always some things that are universally desired. When it comes to women, one of these things are diamonds and the other, platinum. Ask any woman about a piece of jewelry that she wants to own and chances are you will always get either diamonds or platinum as an answer.
If like me, platinum has always been something you have desired, then you would also want to know how to take care of platinum once you own it. Platinum is one of the most durable and strongest of all precious metals that are used for making a jewelry. Since it is easier to work with than gold, it also allows for many more designs.
With platinum, it is possible to make jewelry from metal that is as much as 95% pure. But due to the high level of purity, it is also more prone to scratches, which is why it is important to take proper care of jewelry made of this metal. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you take care of jewelry made of this metal, and also tell you the correct steps to follow while cleaning platinum.

Maintaining Platinum Jewelry

Taking care of platinum jewelry is not as difficult as it seems. Of course, as with any other form of jewelry some basic rules apply, like ensuring that you do not use the jewelry when you are doing housework or working in the garden. It is also important that you never wear jewelry when you are using bleach or any other type of harsh chemical.
While the chemical may not necessarily affect the metal, it may harm any other gemstone that is studded on the metal. For example, if you have platinum ring that has diamonds on it, then it may cause discoloration of the gemstone. If you have platinum jewelry, then it is important that at least once a year, you take it to the jeweler to get it cleaned.
Ensure that your jewelry is given a good polish and any scratch on it is dispelled completely. When you receive your jewelry remember tips for identifying platinum jewelry. Also, get it inspected by a reputed and qualified jeweler.
Ensure that the person who is doing the maintenance for your platinum jewelry is trained to do so. You do not want a situation where your platinum jewelry has been re-sized using white gold instead of platinum. To clean platinum there are couple of things you can do, which are listed below.
  • First it is important to understand that the jewelry needs to be cleaned at least cursorily, once in a week. Just place your jewelry in a bottle of cleaning solution for jewelry and then rinse it in hot water.
  • Another method that you can use in order to clean platinum jewelry is to soak the same in a solution of ammonia and warm water of equal measures. After you have dipped the jewelry in this solution, clean it with a soft cloth. Consult a jeweler before you use this solution.
  • Another household solution that you can use to clean platinum is to use vodka. Place the jewelry in a martini glass and then cover the jewelry with vodka. Allow it to stay for three hours and then use water to clean the jewelry.
  • An option that is available if you are willing to spend a little money is to buy an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Consult a jeweler who will be able to tell you which type of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is right for you. These machines use high-frequency sound to clean the jewelry.
It is important that you clean platinum jewelry to ensure the life of the jewelry. Remember to always store platinum jewelry away from other jewelry to avoid any scratches on either items. It may be advisable to store the jewelry in a box or a bag. Periodic cleaning of platinum jewelry will ensure that the appearance of the same is maintained and it remains dazzlingly beautiful forever.