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Cocktail Dresses Under 100 Dollars

Sheetal Mandora Mar 8, 2020
Your little black dress may be one of the outfits you've always been proud of, but sometimes it can be a typical one. Try some new styles of cocktail dress that don't cost more than 100 dollars. Here is some more information on these dresses.
Every occasion brings forth a certain flair and vogue which has to be complimented with your outfit. Buying a new cocktail outfit every time can hamper your overall budget. Which is why, it's better to know where to find the right dresses that doesn't empty your wallet. In order to find your own unique style.

Sequin Dresses

When you think of buying a sequin dress go for strapless party dresses. Look for a puffy bubble semi-circle style skirt.
One tip with sequin dresses is that if your mid-section is on the heavier side, then find a dress which has a ribbon bow on its side. It takes the eyes towards the bow and not on your waist. Don't be tempted to buy a black sequin dress as there are many colors like silver, rust, teal, gold, and turquoise.

White Dresses

While shopping, don't overlook white. It is something completely unique. You can opt for a strapless or spaghetti strap prom dress with ruffled bodice and embellished waistline.
For the waistline, you can search for a dress with color such as apple green, black, turquoise, and fuchsia. For prom select white-ivory halter dresses. For 70s glam look, wear a polka dots dress. Opt for head-turning halter neck, shirred bust, and tight-fitting waist with semi-circle skirt touching the knees.

Short Dresses

For short, elegant dresses, try an empire cut with a little bit of flare. The high empire waist resembles a baby doll dress look with a sequin bust and the skirt with two tones.
You can experiment with two tones of ivory, hot pink, yellow, plum, red, and gold for any occasion. A yellow empire cut dress with a V neckline and open circle beaded straps is just good. Or you can try a glittered brown or olive green short dress with a belt just below the waistline. Try one shoulder strap empire dress.
Vibrant colors are definitely in, but you can play with various colors, patterns, and shapes of the dresses.
The more bold you get with your choices, the more creative you can get with all the accessories, shoes, and makeup.
A cocktail attire can be worn for all occasions and you can mix and match colors, styles, and designs to come up with your own unique panache
Take some risks with colors and designs you've never worn before, and see how easy it is to stand out in a room full of people.