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Cool Rules to Follow While Wearing a Crop Top

Buzzle Staff Feb 29, 2020
Crop tops are in! High enough to expose the midriff but below the bust line, they are bankable and varied, and can be worn in numerous styles without size restrictions. Of course, there are some cool rules to follow while wearing a crop top. Beginners, play it safe. The rule is to pair a crop top with high-waist bottoms.

Stunning Black

If you are totally confused about how to wear a crop top, go for black. A loose black top over sequined shorts or a plain black top over jeans paired with a leather jacket will make a classy crop top outfit.

Keep it Simple and Casual

You can show little or more of your midriff, but keep the style casual. How about a cool cowgirl look?
Pair rustic shorts with a plain brown crop top, complete with a hat and a pair of boots. Or, pair baggy royal blue pants to go with a flirty, floral crop top. Accessorize with a navel ring.

Button-ups and button-downs

You can experiment with variety here! How about a brown, plaid, button-down crop top with cut-off daisy duke shorts?
Accessorize with a pair of chic black boots. Or, a checkered, black-and-white, collared, button-down crop top with white pants and a pair of stylish red heels. Another unique style you could try is a halter-necked, denim, floral, button-up crop top accessorized with a straw hat. Talk about experimentation!

Go Glam

If you can dress down, you can dress up to. Go all out. Experiment with crochet, sequins, lace, chiffon, and shiny crop tops.
Pair them up with lovely accessories. How about a beautiful, printed, purple top with transparent sleeves and a pair of jeans? Or, a shiny, high-necked, aqua green top? For an even glamorous look, try a sexy, high-necked, full-sleeved, beige top with a statement golden neck piece.

Crop Tops and Jeans

You can try out incredible styles with jeans. Go for ripped, sky blue, skinny jeans with a plain black top. It looks stylish and sporty.
Accessorize with a silver locket. For a funkier look, pair cut-out denim shorts with a vibrant and colorful crop top. If you are willing to experiment, try these short jeans embellished with a lace design on the left thigh. Pair it with a simple white crop top, and wear an antique necklace for a unique look.

Crops Tops with Skirts

Crop tops and skirts make for the ultimate combo. You can pair these tops with maxi skirts, flare skirts, pleated skirts, bandage skirts, and more.
For a simple evening look, pair a black pencil skirt with a dark beige crop top, and accessorize with flat, embellished slip-ons. For a semi-formal look, pair a ruffled black miniskirt with a white shirt top. To stand out in a crowd, go for a purple circle/skater skirt with a bright-yellow top.

Try Retro

Go for an old-fashioned style. Wear a flowing, navy blue, polka-dotted skirt with a denim crop tube top.
Accessorize with teal and black stilettos, a fashionable headscarf, and retro makeup. For something more elegant, pair a beautiful, white, full-length, flare skirt with a high-collared, mega-sleeved, partially polka-dotted, white crop top.

Crop Tops with Jackets and Coats

A major rule you have to abide by – when pairing crop tops with jackets and coats, keep them open. As for jackets, if you want a hipster look, pair it with a sleeveless denim jacket and shorts.
Wear a similar colored cap and white shoes. For a club look, wear a lacy, patterned, slightly transparent crop top with a black denim miniskirt. Wear a light, long, sleeveless jacket and appropriate accessories. A white, sweater style, button-down crop top goes well with a brown coat.