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Cool Ways to Wear a Cardigan

Tulika Nair
With winter setting in, it's time to layer up with sweaters and cardigans. But that does not mean you need to sacrifice on your style quotient. This story becomes your style guide and tells you how you can wear this winter essential.

Cardigan, the Earl

The sweater, which is a descendant of the knitted waistcoat that British officers wore during the Crimean War, was named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan and British Army Lieutenant General.
How can you style a cardigan? Seems like a pretty silly question. After all, how many different ways are there to style a sweater. What if we told you that we give 20 different ways in which you can wear a cardigan in this article? Would you be a little surprised? Would you be willing to wager? 
Well, you would lose that little bet 'coz as simple as a cardigan looks, there are myriad ways in which you can wear it. Considering that it comes in as many colors, prints, and styles that it does, it shouldn't be all that astonishing. Here's how you can take that seemingly-basic cardigan and wear it in different ways.
You may think of this sweater as an easy piece of clothing to work with. And for the most part, it is. But you can go immensely wrong with it. Here are some tips that will guide you on how to avoid the pitfalls that come with wearing a cardigan, and also tell you how you can wear it well.

For Girls

  • Waterfall cardigans which are quite the trend now, work on most body shapes. But if you are petite, then you should try to avoid longer styles.
  • Cardigans with wide collars create a sense of proportion for women who have wide hips.
  • Oversized chunky, knitted cardigans look good only on athletic body types. On everyone else, it looks dumpy.
  • If you have extra weight on the abdomen, a peplum-style cardigan may work beautifully for you.

  • If you have a small bust, then opt for cardigans that button higher-up, but women with larger busts should opt for lower buttoning.
  • Tying a belt around your waist is a good way to give an illusion of an hourglass figure.

For Guys

  • Good cardigans will always taper at the waist so as to flatter your figure. This is the same thing that a good suit jacket does.
  • For a slightly formal look, you could choose to wear a waistcoat inside, and wear the sweater as you would wear a suit jacket.
  • While mixing prints is a major trend nowadays, if you aren't too comfortable with it, stick to a basic tee under a printed cardigan.
A little school girl influence will never hurt your style diva status. Wear your cardigan with a shirt, skirt, and a pair of stockings.
A longish cape-like cardigan can be the perfect addition to your outfit of skinny jeans and boots. It keeps you from looking like you are off horse-riding.
Wear it as a top, as a semi-scarf, or even a little different from its usual style, there are several ways in which you can wear a cardigan. We give you some ideas.
Mixed prints is the fashion rule to break! Time to wear your printed cardigan with a printed top for maximum effect.
Not so cold, but not so warm either? Wear your cardigan as a top. You can even choose to wear it with a lace camisole inside.
A funky old-school look would be to just drape your cardigan around your shoulders. This is a look that never really goes out of style.
Want something a little more grown up? A pair of denims, tucked in tee, open cardigan, and a matching scarf should be exactly what you need.
Let your sweater do all the talking! Wear it in a bright, perky color over a monochromatic outfit. You will definitely be the cynosure of all eyes.
If you have an enviable figure, and you are into trends, then wear a cropped version and give a sneak peek of that lovely little waist.
The illusion of an hourglass figure is easiest to achieve by tying a belt around your waist. Do the same over your cardigan for a stylish turn.
Looking for something a little more delicate? Opt for a fluffy, intricately, yet delicately woven cardigan in the waterfall style, and fasten it with a thin belt.
The oversized, boyfriend-borrowed look is here to stay. Team a pair of palazzo pants and a peasant top with this style of cardigan. Wear accessories for that feminine touch.
And you thought a cardigan over a dress would make you look like a schoolmarm. Take inspiration from this outfit, and spin your own little version.
If you believe that a guy does not have much experimentation to do, where cardigans are concerned, then boy, are you in for a surprise. Take a look.
The simplest and most stylish way to wear this cozy outerwear is teaming it with a denim shirt. Classic and elegant, you can do no wrong with this combination.
Looking for something a little more casual? Keep the buttons undone and wear it with a collarless shirt to exude that attitude.
Keep things formal by wearing a double-breasted cardigan with a shirt. Wear a tie to add an extra level of sophistication to your attire.
Ahoy mate! Nautical stripes are a huge trend this year, so team your slightly large cardigan with a tee in this print and be ahead of the bandwagon.
Is the biting cold getting a bit much? Layer two cardigans in contrasting colors over your tee for an interesting look.
Care for a little DIY? Remove the normal, boring buttons and replace them with interesting buckles on your cardigan. Aim for an accessory-free look
With the tons of ideas presented here, there'll hardly be a dull moment in your winter wardrobe. Mix, match, modify, and merge: That's the mantra for cardigans this winter. Exploit it to the fullest!