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Corset Dresses

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 6, 2020
There are many designs and styles of corset dresses that you can wear. In this article we are going to discuss all about corset dresses and what you can pair them with. So, read to know them and flaunt yourself with one that suits you...
Corsets were very popular in the Victorian period and they were worn as undergarments to accentuate the figure. Nowadays, corsets have seen a revival and they are no longer relegated to lingerie. Corsets are worn as outer wear in various avatars like corset tops and corset dresses.
Many designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood have used corsets as outerwear in their collection. Last year's fall/winter collection from Louis Vuitton featured beautiful and contemporary corset dresses that came with a corset bodice and flaring calf length skirt. T
hese new styles of dresses have a sleek silhouette and are a far cry from older corsets that were characterized with lots of frills and ruffles. Even corset wedding dresses are much preferred by the modern bride, as it helps to give a beautiful silhouette and hide any problem areas.

Designs and Styles of Corset Dresses

Corset dresses come in many different designs and styles, that makes it ideal for wearing them to a variety of occasions. The best thing about these dresses is that it helps to define your figure and give your bust a subtle lift. It also helps to hide a flabby tummy.
However, you have to make sure that you choose the correct design and silhouette that is suitable and flattering for your body type. These dresses are generally made with fabrics like good quality Duchess satin, brocade, jacquard, raw silk and lace.
These fabrics have some amount of stretchability which is ideal for making such dresses. Purchasing a dress that is well-fitting and not too tight is essential for the dress to look elegant.
Corset Dresses with Pencil Skirt
Corset dresses that comes with pencil skirts can be worn for a casual lunch date. The pencil silhouette corset dress is ideal for women who are tall and lean. Such a pattern will help to emphasize a slim figure and give the appearance of curves.
Those with small bust, can try this style of corset dress as it gives a subtle lift to the bust and makes a person look curvy. Denim corset dress and satin corset dress are two of the hottest and most popular style of such dresses.
Vintage Style Corset Dresses
You can also opt for vintage style corset dresses as they are very fashionable right now. The most popular design in vintage corset dresses are strapless corset pattern and dresses with sleeves. Vintage style dresses in dark colors such as plum, navy blue and black looks the most appealing. These style of dresses are hard to find but if you forage in vintage clothing stores, you might just find one that you like.
Corset Dresses with Flaring Skirt
For an evening out there is nothing to beat corset dresses with a flaring skirt. The bodice of such dresses is a corset with good boning material and the skirt is made slightly flaring, that gently swishes around the legs. The skirt can be either knee-length or calf-length.
Calf-length corset dresses are much in vogue now and they are made in materials like Chinese silk and satin. Addition of lace trimmings and sequins can make such dresses more attractive and dressy. These can also be worn as cocktail dresses or corset prom dresses and you are sure to turn heads with such a dress.
This particular pattern of corset dress also looks good on slightly bulky or heavier women and there are many plus size corset dresses available in boutiques and major fashion houses.

What to Wear with Corset Dresses

What you wear with your corset dress is as important as the choosing the dress itself. Just as the right accessories can enhance the dress and make you look fabulous, the wrong choices can easily make you look tacky. Corset dresses with pencil skirts should be worn with either metallic ballet flats or cute kitten heels for the most elegant look.
You can also accessorize it with an oversized envelope clutch and multi-layered chains. Strapless corset dresses can be worn with boyfriend jacket, booties and statement necklace for an elegant and sophisticated look. Always remember that less is more while accessorizing a corset dress. Keep your makeup subtle and let your dress make a statement.
Corset dresses can give your body a slimming silhouette and enhance your curves. These dresses with tutu are also quite popular and many designers offer a range of such dresses.
Strapless formal corset dresses in lace and satin, looks elegant on both the bride as well as the bridesmaid. Corset dresses are fashion clothing that are here to stay and this season you can create quite an impact by wearing them.