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Cosmetic Colored Lenses

Rutuja Jathar Feb 14, 2020
Cosmetic colored lenses have been in vogue for a very long time now. If you are considering a trial, then the following article may prove useful before purchasing them.
Contact lenses have been used as a popular source of vision correction. They are convenient and ideal for almost all sorts of visual problems. Apart from vision correction, they are also used for cosmetic purposes and are called cosmetic colored lenses. They are the most popular option when it comes to enhancing the beauty of one's eyes.
These colored contacts come in three main types, namely - visibility tint, vision enhancement tint, and opaque tint. It is important to remember that most of these are non-vision correction lenses, which are also called 'plano' in medical terminology. They are an ideal option for anyone who wants a change in the appearance of his/her original eye color. They give a totally different dimension to your personality, are easy to wear, and are easily available as well.


There are three aforementioned types of such lenses, and hence, one needs to be pretty sure of exactly what type one wants. The visibility tint colored contacts are usually light blue or light green in color. The color makes it easy for the wearer to spot them in the storage case. These don't affect the original eye color at all.
The color enhancement tint contacts come with solid but translucent color hues that are a few shades darker than the visibility tints. These enhance the original color of your eyes, and hence are ideal for people with light eyes.
The third type are the opaque tints, which are made with solid color shades. These contacts change your eye color completely. These are the best type of colored contacts for dark eyes. Unlike the other two types of lenses, the opaque color contacts are available in numerous colors and patterns.
Since they are not related to vision correction, you can buy these without prescription as well. However, people with certain eye disorders like dry eyes and astigmatism should opt for the prescribed ones.

Different Patterns

There are two basic patterns, namely - solid colored and special effect contacts. The solid colored contacts are pretty popular among people who want to alter their original eye color with a more natural looking color. However, you need to be specific while selecting them.
For instance, if your original eye color is dark, then you can opt for hues of honey, turquoise, gray, blue, hazel, and purple. If you have light colored eyes, you can opt for aqua, sea blue, pacific blue, sea green.
Special effect contacts are another type of cosmetic colored lenses. They are immensely popular amongst the youth for special occasions like Halloween and costume parties. There is a huge array of special effect contacts, and you can find them in almost all imaginable types and patterns--like, theatrical, vampire, mirrored, or cat eye contacts, and many more.


Always remember that there are two types of contact lenses which are available, namely--traditional and disposable. Most contact lens wearers opt for the disposable ones since they are lighter and safer when used for the prescribed duration.
However, remember that traditional colored contacts offer more vibrant hues and they also stimulate depth and appearance of your eyes. It is true that you can get the colored contacts without a prescription, but you still need a prescription from your eye care provider, stating that you are a good candidate for the non-corrective contact lenses.
In order to avoid all sorts of contact lens problems, it is essential that you choose the best fitting ones.
Cleaning the contact lenses is also another issue that you need to consider for the safety and the durability of the ones that you choose. Make sure you consult your eye care provider first, and only then go ahead and purchase one for yourself.