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Crazy Colored Contact Lenses

Sonia Nair Feb 12, 2020
Colored contact lenses have become a fashion statement today. These lenses are available in various types and designs. Provided here is some information about such contact lenses.
The history of contact lenses can be traced back to 1508, when Leonardo da Vinci sketched his concept of contact lenses. However, this concept was only developed during the 1800s, when contact lenses were made for the first time, as a corrective measure for nearsightedness and farsightedness.
From that period, the concept of contact lenses witnessed a sea change with advances in technology. More and more sophisticated contact lenses replaced the previous versions. Once used for corrective and therapeutic purposes, contact lenses underwent a gradual transformation to a cosmetic accessory.

What are Colored Contact Lenses?

It was during the end of the 20th century that the idea of colored contact lenses gained momentum. As fashion industry runs parallel to Hollywood movies, such contact lenses used by celebrities became popular among the masses.
The theatrical lenses were very expensive, and not easily available during that period. Soon, they became cheaper and flooded the market.
Though developed as plain, colored lenses, the whole scenario changed with the introduction of different color combinations, designs, and patterns; once again inspired by Hollywood characters. These lenses became a rage for party goers, especially the Halloween parties.

Crazy Colored Contact Lenses

Most of these special effect lenses are funny or scary types, which are mainly used during Halloween parties.
They are available in a wide range, which includes striped zebra style, cat eyes, jaguar eyes, colorful spirals, and many more. While the 'blackout' lenses make your eyeballs totally black, the black sclera contact lenses make the whole eyes black. The most popular among the crazy colored contact lenses are those, which mimic the eyes of wild animals.
Mainly used for novelty, crazy colored contact lenses are available as prescription lenses too. If you want to buy a pair, approach an ophthalmologist and obtain a prescription.
It is advised to approach an ophthalmologist, if you have no vision problems, as using the wrong contact lens may cause harm to your eyes. Wrong lenses can cause abrasion or infection of the eyes. So, it is advisable to seek the opinion of an ophthalmologist, before choosing a colored contact lens.
These special effect contact lenses should be cleaned regularly. These lenses are not meant for overnight use, even if the manufactures certify to that effect. In short, an ophthalmologist can guide you in purchasing the right colored contact lenses, their care, and proper method of use.
It is always better to buy a pair approved by the FDA, and sold by an authorized dealer. After all, what matters is the safety of your eyes!