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6 Cute Skater Skirt Outfit Ideas That You Must Try

Mary Anthony Feb 29, 2020
Take full advantage of your short and sweet flared minis, and try out various stylish looks with it. This story provides six outfit ideas for wearing cute skater skirt.
Sonja Henie is attributed to be the founder of the short ice skating skirts. This ice skating attire was later adopted as skater skirts, and they shot up on the fashion meter only after Lauren Conrad paired leather skater skirts with silk blouses, offering a look that was both trendy and feminine.
A fresh and new stylish trend, a skater skirt could scream summer chic, but it doesn't mean it's just a seasonal outfit. Pair it up with a funky, feminine top, and voila! you are a fashion diva for any occasion. Skater skirts are universally appealing, the fitted A-line silhouette comes in every flattering style of fabrics, colors, and patterns, making it suitable for every personality.
It could well be your dream outfit as it gives off the illusion of a slimmer figure because of the high waist at the top and loose, flared fit on the bottom. So play dress up, and try out these cool ways to wear your flirty skirt.

Classic Leather

Classic leather style is so rock chic and funky, it reminds us so much of the '80s. Team it up with a blazer or leather jacket to look posh and sophisticated. To make the look casual and fun, wear it with a cute floral top.

If you want to go in for the vamp look, then pair it with a dark top and dark Gothic makeup.

Black and White Combo

Classy and upbeat, this style is eternal. Pair your skirt with a formal white top or a structured blazer, to look contemporary and confident for an official function. Channel your inner '70s diva, and wear it with a cute frill white top.
Combining polka dots and strips might surprise you, or balance out with a top with bold prints and a skirt with small prints.
Add versatility to the outfit through white fringe handbag and heels.


Daring and ageless, denim obsession carries true for any silhouette, and it goes with any outfit. A crop top gives a flared denim skater skirt a little bit of a modern edge, show off your curves with a knotted summery top.

Accessorizing with neon heels will make it eye-popping.


It's the age of shine, shimmer and glimmer, and metallic in your wardrobe can give you an edge. For a night out or a party, wearing a metallic skater skirt and sequin top is a great way to dress up your look.

Complete the look with dazzling diamond jewelry and gold heels.

Sheer Chiffon Glam

Hot on the fashion meter, known for its versatility, beauty and because of the sheer nature of the fabric, it's a million bucks look.

Pair up your chiffon skater skirt with a lacy top, or turn on the glam with a sheer golden/silver top.

Stylish Stockings and Tights

Include the skater skirt in your winter wardrobe with stockings and tights. A proper pair of stockings worn with your skater skirt can accentuate your slim legs. Rather than wearing the usual colored stockings and tights, try out floral print, animal print, jolly peas print, imitation of a tattoo print, graphic print, and lace.
Accessorize with cool sneakers or ankle boots.

Trendy Accessories

Accentuate those legs with your short skater skirt, and flaunt them in boots, heels, and gladiators. Wear chunky or statement jewelry along with the outfit.

Sometimes, a trendy hat and bag would go along well with the skater style.
So shake up your wardrobe, you never know what fashion gem might be hidden in there, and try out the above styles to be a trendsetter!