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Cute Summer Dresses

Avanika Mote Mar 22, 2020
Summer's here and so is the flirty summer fashion. Cute summer dresses are synonymous with comfort coupled with irresistible style and loads of attention! Learn how to carry off these summery outfits with ease and elegance.
Cute summer dresses, skirts and shorts are a woman's best friend when the weather is really hot. Nothing screams chic in summer better than flowing silhouettes, bright colors, light fabrics and flowery prints teamed with cute flats and big sunglasses; and of course, a sexy tan!
This season is all about colors. Bright and neon colors are perfect for summer. You can also experiment with bright nail polish shades. Carry a pretty hat to keep your head covered. Another accessory that you can experiment with are sunglasses.

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Pick one that suits your face structure. Here are summer dresses that you can wear to work or even wear on a vacation. Although casual, these outfits will make you look chic and sexy!

Oh, So Summery!

Halter Dresses

These are the best to beat the summer heat, as they are usually half backless. There are many versions in this like knot-front halter, tie-behind-the-neck halter, and in different strap sizes right from spaghetti-width to wide and soft straps.
Don't wear any neck accessories with these dresses. The focus with this dress is on your upper body and it helps to draw attention away from problem areas like heavy thighs and hips. Knee length halter dress create a more feminine look.

Tube Dresses

Tube dresses ideally begin at the bust and end around the knees. An ideal tube dress for summer is one that is fitted around the bust and loose below. These dresses complement all body types.
They are a great option for summer as they are backless and they also expose the shoulders. One can team the dress with a cardigan. A cute ribbon or belt can be tied around the waist, and the dress can be worn with a metallic jacket for a sexy look at night. Statement neckpieces look gorgeous with these.

Maxi Dresses

These ankle or floor length dresses are the perfect summer wear for young girls as well as moms. They come in a variety of necklines and prints and are fitted only at the top. These give the perfect informal yet chic look.
You can pair a maxi dress with cuffs, bracelets or hand accessories. A maxi dress that ends at the ankles may make you look shorter while one that is too long, you may get tugged at by your feet resulting in a mishap. Cute flip-flops or sandals are the ideal choice with these.

Other Options


If you are amongst those who think summers are incomplete without shorts - well, welcome to the club! Shorts, hot pants and boy shorts are essential summer classics for your wardrobe.
Shorts offer the possibility of experimenting widely with one's look. During the day, denim shorts can be worn with cute tank tops or tees. For a party look at night, high-waist shorts can be teamed with dressy tops. Depending on your body type, you can go in for shorts with different lengths.


These chic one-pieces from the 80s are back and they're here to stay! Jumpsuits come in different lengths. However, they are broadly divided into two lengths - shorts or pants.
Jumpsuits may flatter all body types, if they are picked correctly. Go in for a long loose cut jumpsuit to accentuate your curves. Also layer this piece with a jacket. Flowery and other fun prints are good for the day look. Black jumpsuits or those with fine detailing and embellishments are great for an evening out.

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Skirts are the most versatile piece of clothing available for women. They are ideal for every type of body. Mini, midi, long - you can choose a length of your preference.
Skirts are available in a variety of styles and fabrics: A-line, flared, wrap-around, high-waist, gypsy, asymmetrical, etc.

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One can also choose the material from among denim, sheer, cotton, wool or leather. Skirts can be paired with tanks, tees, blouses or button-up tops. Also you can experiment with different footwear as well.

Mix & Match

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Accessories can change the look of any outfit. Statement neckpieces, earrings, belts, bracelets, sunglasses, bags and shoes - all contribute to the overall look of an outfit. However, a fine balance has to be maintained.
Using too many accessories at the same time is a complete no-no. When it comes to footwear, during the day you can go in for wedges, gladiators, funky flats or cute flip-flops. For the perfect look at night, heels are your perfect option.
Summers are all about relaxing, soaking up some sun and eating lots of ice cream. But none of these should keep you away from looking chic. Go shop, treat your wardrobe, doll up and get downright sexy this summer.