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Guidelines to Designing Your Clothes Online

Tulika Nair Mar 3, 2020
Have you always wanted to create your own clothes? If yes, then learning to create clothes online can be a stepping stone in your journey as a fashion designer.
How many times have you walked into a store, caught a glimpse of a gorgeous piece of clothing, only to move closer to realize that the appeal of the attire was a mirage?
Most retail outlets end up creating exquisite designs in bulk so that everyone on the street is wearing them. And occasionally when you do come across a dress that could have been elegant, it is ruined by unnecessary embellishments and ornamentation.
These are times when you wish you could design your own clothes guided by your fashion instinct. Well, thankfully you can.
The option of being able to design clothes on the internet allows you to indulge your creative side and wear clothes that you can take credit for.If you have a natural flair for designing clothes, then online designing tools can just make your job much easier.
If on the other hand, you are unsure about how to design clothes but have a great aesthetic sense that you want to put to use, then learning to create clothes online for girls and guys gives you the opportunity to not only design clothes for yourself but also for others. You never know but it could be a start of a career opportunity.

Designing Clothes Online

First and foremost, conduct a simple search for all those websites that will allow you to design clothes. There are many such websites. While some cater to a specific kind of clothing, others allow you to take a pick regarding what type of clothing you want to design.
Most of these websites allow you to design clothes on their website for free, charging you only if you place an order to purchase the final product that you have created. Once you have decided on the website, you can start off and design clothes.

Choose the Garment

The first step, very obviously, is to decide on the garment that you want to design. If you are a first timer, then it may be a good idea to start off with something simple like a t-shirt or even a cap.
If you are sure of what you want, then you can broaden your horizons to include absolutely any piece of clothing you like, including dresses, skirts, and even wedding dresses. Here are few example of the basic sketches that you can create on such website.

Design the Garment

The next step would be very obviously to design the garment in question. Most of these websites allow you to choose from a variety of fabrics and designs. You can pick the color you want, the pattern you like, make modifications to the design, etc.
All this is possible at the simple click of a mouse. For t-shirts and jackets, you can add images, quotes, sayings, etc. There is no limitation to the modification that these websites allow for.
Here is an example of you how can pick a design created by you and then modify it according to your taste.


This is not an option that many websites come with but if you are designing clothes online, then you may also be able to pick accessories for your clothing.
There are many sites that come with swatches of accessories that match your design and pick out bags, jewelry, and shoes that will match the clothing piece you have designed.
Here an example that will give you an idea as to how you can match clothes and accessories.

Place the Order

The final step in the entire process designing clothes online is to add it to your shopping cart and place the order. This is optional as you can also just choose to take a print of the final design and then get it stitched by a seamstress. That is how simple it is to design clothes on a website.
Fashion trends are cyclical and this is an important thing to keep in mind while starting on your design endeavor. So before you sit down with the designs you want to create, look through your mother's and grandmother's clothes and pick out those out-of-use outfits that you know you can create something contemporary with.
There are many websites that allow you to design clothes on their interface by simply making modifications to the photographs you have uploaded. This can be a great option for reworking clothes.
So now that you have learned more about the process of designing clothes online, you should have no problem creating beautiful outfits of your choice for any occasion; from your prom dress to your wedding gown, you can rest assured that it will be exactly what you want.