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Information About Emerald Cut Diamonds

Dhanya Joy Feb 6, 2020
With a classy and elegant look, emerald cut diamond jewelry makes a great gift choice for anyone. It is one of the oldest and popular cuts that is known for its neat and long, rectangular lines that enhances the beauty of a jewelry. Here are some information about emerald cut diamonds.
A diamond is regarded as the most priceless and sought-after gemstone. Its appearance can be enhanced by giving it an appropriate shape and cut. However, the 'cut' in context of a diamond means the number of facets and its proportions such as its width and depth.
The shape of a diamond is the outline of the finished version. It is the 'cut' that determines its brilliance, value and durability, and also enhances its look and overall appeal.
Many diamond cuts have developed over years such as brilliant round cut, rose cut, princess cut, oval cut, radiant cut, Asscher cut, etc. One more type of cut is the emerald cut.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

As the name indicates, emerald cut was first used to cut emeralds. Soon it was discovered that it could also be used in cutting diamonds as well. It is rectangular in shape with slightly cropped or truncated corners and stepped facets.
It appears stunning due to the long lines, broad, flat planes, and stepped facets. It has a total of 58 facets―8 girdles, 25 pavilions, and 25 crowns. The pavilion is cut using rectangular facets which gives it a different look.
Due to the open large facets, flaws and weakness of color in the diamond can be noticed easily, and they also appear less brilliant. Therefore, while purchasing an emerald cut diamond, it is advisable to select one with a depth range of 58% to 69% and a length-to-width ratio of 1.50:1.00.

Rings and Jewelry

Emerald cut diamond rings are known for their clarity and also priced lower than the other diamond cut rings. In recent times, the horizontal setting of emerald cut rings has emerged as a popular trend.
Traditional emerald cut diamond when set in modern horizontal style, creates a unique ring. These rings are also used as engagement rings as they can be set into various styles and designs. They can also be used in wedding sets to complement the ring. Whether it's a solitaire or other setting, these diamonds display the same amount of beauty and radiance.
They are also are used in creating stylish diamond jewelry like earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They make a simple elegant choice for any occasion. The jewelry created by using them displays a unique beauty and is also less expensive, which compels many women to opt for them. It is also becoming increasingly popular, especially on occasions like weddings.


✤ The long line and facets provide bright and prolonged flashes rather than looking like an over-sparkling diamond.

✤ It looks beautiful in embellished engagement rings and simple solitaire diamonds as well.
✤ The truncated corners ensure the durability of a diamond.

✤ Its elongated shape can actually make the diamond look bigger as compared to its original size.

✤ It is less expensive than it counterparts in other shapes and sizes.


These diamonds require regular maintenance and lot of care. Since they have long, flat surfaces, dirt tends to show easily on them. To maintain the shine, it should be wiped with a dry and soft cloth regularly and should be stored in soft velvet or silk pouches or a jewelry box. Avoid placing them near other diamond jewelry as they can develop scratches.
Make sure you do your homework on emerald cut diamonds before you go ring-hunting. They are unique, elegant, and stunning. If you want to make a unique style statement for yourself, then you know what to look for because diamonds are forever!