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An Overview of Diamond Stud Earrings

Madhura Pandit Feb 14, 2020
Classic diamond stud earrings is one piece of jewelry that every woman should own. Here are some design ideas and tips for buying diamond earrings.
Diamonds never leave you... men do! ― Shirley Bassey
This famous quote could not be truer! Diamonds are simply diamonds - irreplaceable, undefinable, and simply the most fascinating object found on the Earth! Interestingly, men, if you have noticed, a simple look at a diamond brings about a similar spark in the eyes of a woman as that given out by the diamond itself. Accepted, that diamonds are very expensive, but, if you wish to own diamond jewelry, why not go for stud earrings? This is one piece of jewelry that never ever goes out of fashion.

All About Diamond Earrings

Stud earrings are simple yet elegant earrings comprising one single diamond, usually in round or square shape. One of the advantages of wearing these earrings is that they go with any and every outfit. You can wear them every day at work on your formal work clothes, or in the evening with your party wear.
Similarly, they also complement any hairstyle or hairdo, skin tone, and hair color. In short, these earrings are meant for all. They are also available in inexpensive versions, and hence, can be used as gifts for your girlfriend or wife. However, there are several things to consider when buying diamond studs.

Buying Diamond Studs

There are simply endless options available in size, color, and designs of diamond studs. When buying a diamond, look for carat, cut, and clarity. Diamonds with well-defined cuts are more expensive than others. You may not be aware, but, diamonds are found in numerous colors like white (the traditional one), pink, yellow, blue, green, brown, black, etc.
Chocolate or black diamond earrings are the latest trend today. Once you have chosen the diamond, look for the metal in which the diamond is to be set. Yellow gold and platinum are the most popular metals used to set diamond studs. Platinum is expensive, and hence, setting it in platinum can increase the overall cost.
A 0.5-2 carat diamond is usually considered the best to make stud earrings. A bigger diamond can sag the earlobe. Secondly, the cut of the diamond is also very important. The brilliant cut is common yet very popular even today. On the other hand, you can also go for the princess cut as it is the latest fashion. A smaller diamond can be set in 2-4 prongs while a larger one in 4-6 ones. The overall price of diamond earrings depends on the carat, cut of the diamond, and also the metal used.
Note that diamond jewelry should be bought only from certified and renowned jewelers. Diamond earrings, in any color and cut, are perfect gifts for any occasion. So look no further! Good luck!