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Different Prom Dress Styles

Rohini Mohan Feb 14, 2020
It's crucial that you look stunning on your prom night. Which is why you must try and select the best dress among the different prom dress styles available in fashion stores.
The most important night of high school is fast approaching and you have already hit the panic button because you still haven't found the perfect prom dress for yourself! Well, here is the thing, all you young damsels in distress must realize that there is a huge plethora of options to select from when it comes to the styles and patterns available.
All you need to do is relax, search online among the many fashion websites dedicated especially for prom dresses, and you will have your dream design delivered at home to you.
Or you could take a complete day off and go dress hunting to all the fashion stores, with your friends. So fret not ladies, this story will discuss all you need to know about the different prom dress styles which are the rage of this season.

Prom Dresses Which Top the Charts

#1 - LBD

You will be surprised to learn that this season you need not wear a long dress, just because it's the norm. Go edgy and challenge the rules, and most important of all stand out in a classy yet high fashion and yet so brave LBD.
When calling it little, make sure it's short, but not provocative, after all a prom night is meant to be an elegant affair. Try a simple black dress with a one shoulder off design which ends with a brooch or a tight knot. Or go for a completely off shoulder dress that has a high waist with some subtle sequence work.
Accessories are a must, so do not forget to wear really eye-catching pumps or stilettos which have bands that wrap around the feet. And try to avoid wearing too much jewelry if you don't prefer it. Do carry a nice clutch bag, as these add glamor to the ever so beautiful LBDs.
If you want more colorful apparel, you may go in for short prom dress patterns which come in a variety of amazing metallic shades of pink, purple, red, bronze, green, and so on and so forth. The colors available are galore and the patterns innumerable.
Do consider dresses with the trendy crunched up and crinkled look, especially dresses which have an uneven ending at the edges of the dress. Most short dresses look fabulous with an empire waist.
However, there are some that sell full sleeved short dress which have intricate patterns on the sleeves. Check these out as they are absolutely mind-blowing and a must have, if you can flaunt it well.

#2 - Low-Halter Dresses

A halter neck looks great on women who have slender shoulders, of course, if you can carry off the style with ease and confidence. Go in for a low halter neck which tightens out at mid waist.
Let the tail of the dress be such that it is slightly longer from the back and shorter from the front, while it has a wavy flow to its pattern. Or you can go in for the classic halter neck dress, which is complete backless and ends with the dress being long enough to reach the ankles.
However, an empire waist looks the best with such long dresses, and does add a unique touch of sophistication to your personality. The reason being that it's only during such special occasions do we even think of wearing long dresses, while what we usually prefer are short and smartly tailored dresses.
So here is your chance to wear a long flowing elegant gown for once.

#3 - Floral Prints

Here is what most won't even consider. Floral prints to a prom night! That's true, floral printed dresses look absolutely amazing and fresh. They let it be known that you know your fashion well, and that you're bold enough to wear what looks good.
These prints also have a very sensual and feminine appeal about them. However, there is a rule that all women must abide by when considering floral prints, which is that bold prints do not suit broad women and especially those who are slightly on the chubbier side, the reason being that these prints end up making them look even more plump.
 Women who have slight weight issue must instead wear darker shades, such as deep purple, blue, plum, black or brown as they will help them look slimmer.

#4 - The Little Mermaid

This style is one which is bound to make heads turn, and that too for all the right reasons. Go in for the strapless and ankle length dress which ends with a mermaid skirt. These are available in an extended A-lined skirt pattern as well as body fitting tiered dress pattern which actually enhances the shape of the body. An excellent choice for women who are slightly on the thinner side and wish to look more fuller.

#5 - Matte Jersey

One style which is edgy, sensual as well as earthly. These dresses have the classic keyhole neck design which extends to form a halter neck. The back is the most quintessential part of the dress, with the crisscross patterns being formed by the straps. The dress is made with stretched matte and is not too glossy. The dress has amazing earthly designs, which have taken inspiration from ocean waves, peacock feathers and spring flowers to name a few.
So these were some of the ideas that you can work upon while selecting the one dress which looks the best on you all, among the different prom dress styles. All you need to worry about is that the dress must be your exact fit, and not a size smaller. A size bigger is, still fine if you feel more comfortable.
 Secondly, you must exude elegance and confidence when you walk into the prom night party. That's it, these are the secret recipes, which make your night special forever. So go ahead, look stunning and have the time of your life.