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Dresses to Wear with Cowboy Boots

Rimlee Bhuyan
Sky-high heels are not the only shoes that you can wear with dresses. Boots, specially cowboy boots, can also be worn with dresses, provided it is the right kind of dress. Wearing boots with jeans is chic and stylish. For a bohemian and casual look, there is nothing to beat the combination of rugged cowboy boots with floaty and feminine dresses. To carry this look with panache, you need to choose dresses that end above the knee.
Cowboy boots are not just for cowboys, and they are seen all over the ramp. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes are fans of cowboy boots, and pair them with anything from skinny jeans to cute sundresses. Now, wearing denims with cowboy boots has been done to death. So let's discuss what kind of dresses one can wear with these rugged boots.

Wrap Dresses

A great dress to wear with cowboy boots is a wrap dress.
Wrap dresses in a geometric print, abstract print, or painterly print look excellent with ankle length cowboy boots. Knee length wrap dresses with three-fourth sleeves are also a good choice. Make sure that you wear only ankle-length boots with wrap dresses, as calf length boots do not look good with them.

Floral Dresses

If you're looking for cute dresses to wear with cowboy boots, you should consider floral dresses. Floral water-color print dresses are very much in vogue, and they look super stylish when accessorized with boots.
This kind of dress looks great with black leather cowboy boots. You can wear ankle-length as well as calf-length leather cowboy boots with these dresses. If you need to wear this look for an evening, just pair it with a boyfriend jacket, for a very glamorous, yet casual look.

Casual White Dresses

You can also opt for the very much in fashion white dress in fabrics like tulle, organza, and chiffon, to wear with cowboy boots. These romantic white dresses in wispy materials look great with suede boots.
The best style of cowboy boots that goes with such dresses are ankle-length boots or slouchy suede boots in tan color. White and tan are a natural pair, and there is nothing more chic than pairing an A-line white eyelet dress with tan ankle-length cowboy boots.
This is an outfit that you can go shopping in or go for brunch with the girls. All you need to complete the look is a pair of over-sized glares, a quilted boho handbag, and a colorful printed scarf wrapped around your shoulders.

Tiered Dresses

One of the best dresses to wear with cowboy boots is a tiered dress.
These types of dresses are just right for wearing to an evening do, as they are streamlined and fancy. Tiered dresses in antique gold and bronze colors whose hemline falls just below the knee are ideal to be worn with cowboy boots.
Gold and bronze colors look fabulous with knee-height boots in tan or taupe colors. To finish the look, pair it with an envelope clutch in jewel tones and layered pearl necklaces.
Never ever wear ankle-length cowboy boots with midi dresses, as it will make your legs look shorter, and you will end up looking frumpy. Always wear ankle-length boots with either floor-length dresses or with dresses that fall above the knees.
Other dresses to wear with cowboy boots are maxi dresses or the latest one-shouldered dresses. Since the one-shouldered dress show off some skin, it is best offset with a pair of rugged calf-length suede cowboy boots. Ankle-length cowboy boots are best paired with floaty maxi dresses.
Avoid wearing thigh-high boots with midi dresses, as they do not look good. The only thing to remember while choosing a dress to wear with cowboy boots is that, the dress should not be too short or tight. This will make you look trashy, which is certainly not what you were aiming for.