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Fashion Clothing for Women

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 15, 2020
The latest fashion clothing for women are all about slim fits and bright hues. We are going to discuss all about fashionable clothing for women that are trendy right now.
Every woman wants to dress fashionably that makes her look trendy and feel good. Many people consider fashion as shallow and superficial. But the fact is that you dress well not to please others but yourself. When you dress fashionably and know that you look good, you feel sexy and confident.
Your confidence and self-assurance can be seen in the way you stand straighter and the lift of your chin. Also people judge you on the basis of your dressing style and appearance. For you to make a good impression on people, you need to be presentable and you need to dress stylishly.
Fashion trends change from one season to another, so you need to know all about them to dress fashionably. This does not mean that you throw away all your last season's clothes. Fashion is all about mixing and matching the old with the new and coming up with your own individual look.

High Fashion Clothing for Women


If you want to be dressed in your fashionable best this season, then a must-have women's fashion clothing is the little black dress. A little black dress is a fashion essential and the best thing about it is that it can last you many seasons. A short black dress that is tailored to fit your curves can be dressed up or down in a jiffy.
Choose a dress in a soft flowy material that has a simple silhouette. Necklines of the dress should flatter your body shape. This season, sweetheart neckline and V necklines are in vogue. Waterfall sleeves or ruffled neckline can lift your little black dress from mundane to spectacular.
Pair this dress with a gold or bronze woven envelope bag and red pumps to look elegant and put together. Long chandelier earrings and stacked metallic bangles will complete your look.

Plaid Shirt

One of the most underrated yet versatile piece of clothing is the plaid shirt. From cotton plaid shirts that are a staple of the summers to the flannel plaid shirts that keep you warm in the winters, there are a variety of shirts to choose from.
There are also a lot of patterns and colors to choose from The best way to pair a plaid shirt is to wear it with boyfriend jeans, kitten heels and a beautiful leather sling bag.

Skinny Jeans

Love them or loathe them...Skinny jeans are here to stay. So it's best that you ditch your extra flab and get ready to flaunt those legs. Every woman should own a pair of skinny jeans that fits perfectly and enhances all her curves.
Skinny jeans in colors like dark blue, gray and indigo are a must-have this season. Pair skinny jeans with a sequined top and ankle booties and you are ready to rock any party.

Stylish Jacket

No woman can do without a fashionable and well-cut jacket. There is something so innately elegant and versatile about a well tailored jacket, whether it is bolero or a cropped jacket. A black leather jacket can instantly lift a mundane outfit into a fab one.
You can also wear a short bolero jacket over a neon colored dress to add a bit of oomph. For an evening do, pair a metallic jacket with your plain black dress and sexy stilettos. A stylish jacket with simple tailoring and minimal embellishment is a good item of fashion clothing.

Maxi Dress

Every fashionista should own a couple of maxi dresses. These dresses are not just for casual occasions, as they can be dressed up for a formal occasion too. Choose maxi dresses in floral prints for daytime and abstract prints for the evening.
Wear these dresses with gladiator sandals or espadrilles. It is best paired with a short blazer, tear drop earrings and a colorful clutch.


Another must-have fashion clothing item is a pair of well-fitting shorts. Shorts comes in many lengths and designs and they are a great item of casual clothing. Denim shorts are best worn in the summers, paired with a flowy floral top.
You can also opt for colored tops or military shorts. If you want to wear shorts for an evening do, then choose a pair of high-waisted shorts in colors like steel gray or charcoal. The latest designs in shorts are scalloped shorts which are feminine and romantic and best paired with a ruffled blouse.


One of the best things about a tunic is that it can be paired with different clothing items to create a different look. A long tunic in a solid color can be paired with skinny jeans or leggings for a casual look.
You just need to dress it up with a long pendant necklace, sling bag and wedge heels. For an evening look, pair the tunic with a waist clinching thin belt, an envelope clutch, ankle booties and stacked bangles.


A very urban fashion clothing item for women that you simply cannot do without is a good quality cardigan. You might think of cardigans as very preppy and school girl like, but the fact is that a cardigan screams sophistication and class.
Choose a lightweight cashmere cardigan in a soft pastel hue like pale pink and lavender or a brighter hue like aubergine and emerald. When paired with your formal pants, a cardigan looks absolutely right. Wear this to your office and you will be immediately crowned as the office fashion queen.

Feminine Tops

Another great piece of high fashion clothing is a feminine blouse. You can choose a simple satin blouse without any frills in a deep hue or opt for a ruffle blouse. A ruffle blouse softens the look of any outfit and you can wear it with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.
A satin blouse can be a simple cut one or a swingy one. You can wear such a blouse with high-waisted shorts or khaki pants. This look works well for a casual lunch with friends.
If you are a plus sized woman then there are many stores that carry plus size fashion clothing for women. No matter what your size or shape, you can always dress fashionably and look stylish and chic.