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Fashion Rules You Can Break

Tulika Nair Feb 28, 2020
Break those boundaries! Tear up your fashion rulebook! Leave those weird and bizarre fashion no-nos in the past. Here are some fashion rules that you can... no wait... you should break.
While a couple of decades ago, you would have been ostracized for going against fashion conventions, today you will be nothing less than a groundbreaking fashionista if you broke the same.

Sure, sticklers for rules will turn in their graves wondering how is it even possible to play around with these commandments that should have been set in stone.
But any fashion diva worth her (or his) salt will tell you that there is so much more you can do with style by just stepping out of those fixed borders. Ergo, presenting our top eight picks of fashion rules that should be completely done away with.

8 Fashion Rules You Should Definitely Break

Nothing in the world of fashion is set in stone ... anymore. Some may even say that the more rules you break, possibly the more fashion-forward you are. To join that category of fashion daredevils, here is a cheat sheet of fashion conventions that you can break.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not be clothed in two or more prints at once.

It takes major cojones to break this rule. Prints are usually bold and intense.
Most people (including yours truly) wear prints minimally. So wearing two strong prints together can seem like a bit of an OTT statement. Bend this rule by teaming a minimalistic print with a bold pattern, in colors that complement each other. The black & white color combo is the perfect way to assimilate this rule breaker into your wardrobe.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not wear denim with denim.

Denim trousers are go-to outfits for most women. And denim shirts or chambray shirts have always held a certain appeal.
So why not just team the two? If you want to wear denim with denim or double denim, then experiment with weights, cuts, and shades. Mix and match an inky denim with a shirt in a lighter shade. Team a sleek denim skirt with a jacket in the same shade but a different weight. Just remember to create some visual relief with a neutral color.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not wear sparkle in daytime

I have many friends that flout this rule on a regular basis and do it with panache. There is something to be said about the appeal of shine and shimmer.
It draws attention like no other color or fabric. And if you do it right, well ... there's no stopping you, is there? If you want to go all out, then wear a sequined skirt with a simple tee. If too much bling scares you (welcome to the group), wear a neutral-colored dress that has studded sequins with matte accessories.

Rule to break: Thou shalt always match your bag and shoes.

Forget fashion and think practical.
Is it humanly possible to constantly move your umpteen belongings from one handbag to the other just because you have to match it with your shoes? If your answer is a big, resounding NO, then throw caution to the wind.
Think out-of-the-matching-box and wear accessories in different colors. Just don't go overboard. Take cue from the image here and wear neutrals with eye-popping colors.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not be clothed in two neutral shades at once.

Think black and navy blue, or black and brown. Does anything seem off? Did you shake your head to say no? Well, I agree.
These are some of my favorite combinations and I team them together all the time. The problem arises when it seems like you haven't put any thought into the outfit and you picked clothes in the dark. To avoid these, when teaming neutrals, always wear both in healthy doses. And use another neutral to offset the two base colors.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not be clothed in white after Labor day.

Coco Chanel disregarded this rule completely, wearing white all year round. Take inspiration from the original fashion diva.
Wear white regardless of the season. Very few colors can rival the elegance of pure white. A well-cut white dress is the perfect way to make a statement. Still unsure of going all white? Wear white trousers with a jewel-toned blouse and white accessories. It's the perfect way to wet your toes.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not be dressed in one color from head to toe.

Does wearing the same shade from head to toe seem boring? Or scary? Well, put those fears aside because nothing is more interesting. In an age where fashion has become big and bold, this minimalistic look works wonders.
Play with accessories and accents of another color family. Use different fabrics and textures to make the outfit pop. Think lace, suede, and cotton in the same outfit. If that doesn't seem like your style, play with a color that you wouldn't normally wear. Wearing an unusual color from head to toe can often be striking.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not wear stockings with open-toed footwear.

This a rule that personally, even I find a little difficult to break. But with colored and patterned stockings becoming more than just a passing fad, it is time to think beyond the obvious. After all, it is evident to all that you are wearing stockings.
Wear a bright colored stocking with a dress in neutral colors. The footwear you choose can be the same color as your dress but that is a personal choice. Break that maxim if you think that wearing the same color gets boring, and you need another dash of color to offset the stockings.
So there you go. Break them one rule at a time or if you have great faith in your ability to wear them all at once, go all out. Make style your playground. Let fashion be the game where you make your own rules.