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Fashion Trends to Brighten and Enhance Your Look

Paisley Hansen Jan 25, 2020
Fashion can transform your inner self, so make sure that you stay dressed to the nines by considering the following options to enhance your look.
Fashion can be a fickle thing, often fleeting and changing with time, however, it can also be transformative. Whether it is used to depict a personality or how to stay within popular trends, it can be a creative expression. While staying on top of the latest fads can be challenging, it can also enhance your appearance, your sense of self and your confidence.

Hoop and Collar Jewelry

Fashion trends fluctuate and change over time, and with that comes the return of hoop earrings and collar necklaces. These accessories can be a wonderful way to add flair to any look. When you are interested in spicing up an outfit that you wear frequently, adding statement hoop earrings or a collar necklace can enrich any appearance.

Over-sized, Flowy Blazers

Blazers are a great addition to any business professional’s closet, however, with today’s trend of over-sized and flowy styles, there is an added level of sophistication due to the structure of a blazer but also add a bit of fun due to the loose size.
Styles can vary in the sleeve length from ¾ length to full sleeve length, but the cut and length of the jacket can make for a pleasing and updated look. Consider pairing an over-sized, flowy blazer with skinny jeans and a belt for a more tapered look or try a flowy skirt and fitted top for a fun on the go look.

Statement Sleeves

This season statement sleeves are a reemerging trend that can bring a fresh take on any typical look. Standard sleeves may offer little to no additional appeal, however, by adding a bubble, bell or sheer style to a sleeve, it can dramatically change an entire impression. The impact of bold sleeves can offer an exciting, new take on any outfit.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are no longer for just yellow bikinis, as they are resurfacing as a fashion fad. The softness of polka dots can add both a whimsical feel to any style of clothing. The popularity of polka dots in harsh contrasting colors and ranging in dot size has caught the eye of many fashion fanatics who may want to embrace a softer side of fashion.

Neon Colors

Neon colors are another reinvigorated trend that is making its return debut. This fashion trend may not be for everyone, as these bold colors truly make a ringing declaration. This look can be highlighted when it is juxtaposed with a traditional cut and style. Add some style without making a splash into this season’s statement look.

Fashion Forward Socks

Jewelry, statement sleeves, and loud colors may not be how you like to express yourself, but don’t fret, staying on trend can still be possible with more subtle adjustments. Fashionable sock choices, like food socks are a great way to add some subtle style to your appearance without taking you too far outside of your comfort zone.
In the past several years, socks have gone far beyond the traditional white and black colors and now can make a true high fashion statement.
It can be exciting to add some pizazz to your physical presentation by having a traditional look and a pair of bold and loud socks.
Fashion can often be viewed as inconsequential, however, the ability to control and state your life to the world through colors, styles, and cuts of clothing can be poignant and inspirational. Fashion can influence the way you feel about yourself, the way you are perceived and your self-expression.
It is important to find a look and style that truly is right for you and speaks to you, so considering taking some time to add flair and excitement to your wardrobe to embrace your truest self.