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Interesting Aspects About the Beguiling Gothic Fashion

Kashmira Lad Feb 14, 2020
A bizarre trend, Gothic fashion has attracted attention of a lot of people for various reasons till date. Here is a look at some of the interesting aspects of this fashion.
Gothic fashion may seem absurd to many, but there is also a certain kind of beauty that is attached to it. It's bold, and totters dangerously on being labeled as bizarre and weird. Black has ruled this trend, as Goths have their own reason for this color being the highlight of their attire. Black rules not only the garments, it is seen in the makeup as well.
If you follow fashion trends, and are aware of the ancient and modern trends of the ever-changing fashion scenario, you will find all this very interesting. Following are some more intriguing bits and bites about Gothic fashion.
  • This is a kind of clothing style that is worn by both the sexes belonging to the Goth Subculture, which originated in the United Kingdom and is now found in many countries.
People who belong to the Goth culture may or may not share similar tastes in fashion, which can range from being punk to medieval, and it can even include clothes that are from the Renaissance culture.
  • With spiky hair, black nails, and what not, this trend has always been considered bizarre. This culture expresses various things, like freedom and sexual liberation, through fashion.
The fashion is also meant to make an individual statement, and sport a don't care attitude about what the society would probably think about those who follow it. It is all about being liberal about one's views and lifestyle.
  • The most distinguishable factor about Gothic fashion is the use of the color black, which is often coordinated with other bold colors. This fashion is not completely anti-life just because it uses black.
Although this has invited a lot of criticism, Goths believe that death is something that cannot be ignored. They believe it is a part of our existence and cannot be overlooked. This is probably why when women wear black eyeshadow and clothing, it may seem like a way of expressing grief to people who do not really know the beliefs of this culture.
  • This fashion involves clothes that are in wild hues, and it uses silhouettes that bring focus to one area of the body, such as corsets or tight sleeves. The idea is to attract attention! There are various cultures that fall under the main Goth subculture such as the Victorian Goth, Goth Punk, Romantic Goth, etc.
Flowing skirts, stylish sweeping dresses, or hats and canes for men all form a part of Gothic fashion. Their clothing style is an expression of themselves, no matter what the gender may be or where they may come from. Their fashion has a symbolism, which is not known to everybody, though many love to follow this route.
Dark eyeliner, tight jeans, chains and studs, powdered and white faces, black nails, pants with ripped edges all form a part of this fashion trend. Tattoos also are used elaborately to make a style statement.
Although you may find this fashion trend really bizarre, I am sure many are bound to feel a twinge of jealousy once they see someone sport this look with style and attitude. Gothic fashion therefore is truly unique in its own way. One thing is for sure though, this dramatic look is definitely here to stay for a long period of time!