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Grunge Clothing

Stephen Rampur
Vintage grunge clothing worn by men and women, has a direct resemblance to the apparel worn by the rock stars in the 1980s. This story provides some information about this clothing.
Clothing and ways of dressing up have been changing for decades, right from the 1970s up to the recent 2000s. Apparels have a very substantial impact on the way a person looks.
The style of wearing clothes in the previous decades has certainly had an effect on the way people wear clothes at present. One of the fashion trends that rose to fame in the 1990s is grunge clothing. The 1990s was when the rock music scene declined and grunge music rose to fame.
When you think of grunge clothing, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the apparel worn by musicians in the 1990s. Some of the grunge bands that became popular and set a clothing standard were Nirvana and Pearl Jam. People had a particular belief regarding this clothing.
They thought that its main characteristic was not at all related to looking stylish and fashionable. All that mattered was comfort to the fullest, no matter how the wearer looked. And it was the comfort factor that made it popular among youngsters and teenagers in the 1990s.

Grunge Clothing for Girls and Boys

Flannel is a type of fabric which is used in shirts. Both girls and boys preferred to wear shirts made with this material. Just for the sake of comfort, people wore oversized flannel shirts which had crisscross patterns.
The colors were mostly not too bright, but faint and dull. Colors such as maroon, indigo, gray, blue, dark-green, and similar ones were the best choices in the 90s fashion trends. In short, loose-fitting and dull-colored clothes were a standard feature.
When it came to wearing pants; tight-fitting and dark-colored jeans were not in fashion. Instead, a majority of grunge fans preferred to put on tattered, ripped, stone-washed, worn-out, baggy-sized pants. During the colder months, people wore a pajama under the old, ripped, and worn-out kind of jeans.
Most women opted for wearing skirts instead of jeans. And as footwear, Dr. Martens-styled shoes were worn. Overalls were also considered an important part of this clothing. They were good options because of their comfort and practicability.
Clothing was considered more grunge if it was worn-out or old. Jeans and denim jackets were a part of the fashion trends. Members of the grunge community preferred to wear tank tops under flannel shirts and ¾th pants for a comfortable look. Few female members wore baby doll dresses, as such apparel contributed to utmost comfort. Hair was also a notable factor along with clothing. Most fans and musicians chose to keep their hair long, till the shoulders.
After going through this story, you might have understood that grunge clothing was all about comfort without much care given to the style. If you want a good idea of how it actually looked, you can check out photos or videos of grunge rock bands.