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Hippie Clothes for Women

Being a hippie is all about being hip and cool! Hippie clothes are a fun way for us gals to dress down and look cool at the same time. Here's more on where to find these clothing items and how to assemble a hippie look for yourself!
The Hippie sub-culture began as a youth movement in the United States in the mid 1960s and spread to other countries in a matter of time. The word Hippie is derived from the word Hipster which denotes people who were avid followers of Jazz, especially Bebop which was a very popular genre of the 1940s.
The Hipster lifestyle was a reflection of the lifestyle of a jazz musician of that time, including copying their dressing style, use of slang, consumption of cannabis and other narcotic substances to explore alternative states of consciousness, a laid back attitude, acrid humor, deliberate poverty and relaxed sexual codes.
The hippie dressing sense reflects a hippie's relaxed, counter cultural attitude and sexual liberty. Hippie clothes for women and men are generally made of organic fabrics and natural fibers in bright psychedelic colors and bold, intricate patterns.
Before you log on to a website which sells hippie clothing for women or go to a fancy-priced alternative clothing store, let us first understand what it means to dress like a hippie.

How Do You Dress Like A Hippie?

Beads, Aha!: Get yourself beads - lots of them in all colors, sizes and materials! String them or sew them on your clothing, when it comes to crafting hippie costumes for women, beads can never go wrong! Wear a couple of strings of beads around your neck and make bead bracelets for yourself - it's all about being colorful and bright, baybeh!
You can also make earrings out of glass or plastic beads to go with your hippie look!
Flowers Galore!: There is nothing Hippier like a large marigold in your hair! I know, I know - it's a tough job keeping flowers intact for a long time. In that case, you can attach some fake flowers to that broad headband of yours and still enjoy the floral edge!
Keep it Flowing: Loose, flowing silhouettes pay great compliment to hippie costumes for women! A flowing long skirt teamed with a halter apron top and long bead necklaces lends the ultimate uber-cool touch to your hippie look! Also, the more relaxed you dress, the more relaxed you feel - this enables you to get the hippie under your skin!
Kerchiefs Aflutter!: Kerchiefs, scarves and bandanas are great accessories to enhance that hippie look of yours! Tie 'em on yah head or tie 'em 'round yah neck, these small pieces of fabric can give you a new personality! Use your imagination with these and get as creative as you can to rev up your hippie clothes!
Dress-a-Mess: Keep your hair open and unkempt or tie a pair of untidy braids with strands of hair falling around your face.
Don't iron the clothes which you're gonna wear to add to the laid-back feel. Consciously craft a casual, just-out-of-bed look in crumpled clothing and messy hair to get that careless appeal! There is nothing as refreshingly sexy as careless beauty carefully done!
Most hippie styling concepts and accessories have a unisex appeal and are, as such, similarly employed by male as well as female followers of hippie fashion. Make sure that the clothes you wear are made of organic fibers such as cotton, hemp, jute, etc.
Organic and handmade hippie clothes for ladies are sold online by many websites such as hippieshop, happyhippie, vintagetrends, gypsyrose, rustyzipper, etc. and are available at stores like Soul Flower, Full Moon Family Boutiques, etc.
However, you can also make your very own hippie clothing right at your home! Let's see how.

Some Hippie Clothing Ideas That You Can Try at Home

Apron Tops

You can make open-back apron tops using old t-shirts and loose tops! You can quilt the front, add patches, beads, etc., and use your imagination to craft some comfortable apron tops which, besides giving you that boho look, would also keep you cool during summers!

A-Line Skirts

This one is the easiest to make at home and you need know sewing dexterity to make yourself a couple! Just get hold of some old cotton dresses, cut them in any shape and sew them together to get a patchy A-Line skirt! You can also add jute patches and hemp strings to enhance the gypsy look!

Tie and Dye

Get some old cotton tops or shirts and tie-dye them to give them a cool avatar and team them with your A-Line skirt or flared pants!

Tank Tops

Cut up some old T-shirts to make tank tops for yourself! Splash some fabric paint over them in a random manner and lo - you have your very own paint splashed tanks ready!

Dress Up Your PJs

Get hold of a pair of old pajamas or cargo pants and sew on hemp strings, side panels and appliqu├ęs to them to give them a bohemian personality!
So, gals, get down and have fun with these ideas on hippie clothing to fashion hippie-styled outfits for yourself! You can wear them to casual outings with friends, hippie weddings or on cross-country trips! Wanna funk up more? Get some hippie tattoos!
Get together with your girlfriends to make hippie-style outfits and plan a hippie theme party to wear them to! Imagine the fun you will have the next time you're given the responsibility to plan a party or fun event!