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How to Accessorize a Coral Dress

Payal Kanjwani Mar 5, 2020
Don't call me pink. Nah! I'm not orange either. I'm a perfect blend of the girly pink and the fierce orange; the color that flatters most skin tones. This is why ladies address me Coral Crush! The only thing that you may find tricky about me is to pair the right accessories.
Here, we have brought you some chic and smart ways to accessorize a coral dress and unleash the glam goddess in you. The amazing combination of orange and pink that coral is, you have several options to accessorize it right. Pair it with beige for a delicate look or go in for black or silver accessories that never fail to add grace to your look.
Oh yes, you could pair your coral dress with denim or opt for an offbeat look by matching it with yellow. These ideas will get you inspired for sure.

Accessorize your Coral dress with Beige!

For the perfect daytime look, pick a shade of coral like peachfuzz. We've chosen a floral peplum dress and to keep the look soft, we've paired it with beige adornments.

Make it classier with Black accessories!

For an elegant evening look, try styling bright coral with black. Play around with silver and black accessories. Complete the look with a silky black clutch and peep-toe heels.

Sporty much? Denim-ize your Coral dress!

Cuz coral is in, and denim was never out! Planning a girls' day out, or heading out for some fun with your boys gang, this is the attire that is feminine, sporty and outstanding, all at once!

Bling your Coral dress with Silver zing!

Give it a zing by adding a sparkle of silver to this coral blush! A sequin bracelet, a dazzling ring, and a to-die-for wallet - all set to conquer anything that comes your way!

Accessories Scene: Coral + Turquoise

All the hues from mint greens to earthy turquoise to deep oceanic blues, complement well with coral. To balance the turquoise quotient, pick a printed handbag. A summery statement!

Queer your Coral dress by pairing with Yellow!

Up for some quirkiness? Pair your fave coral dress with yellow. Wide-brimmed hat, a pair of sunglasses, an oversized handbag with a pop of yellow, and some fuchsia-toned lipstick! Perfect to dress down for a beach day!