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How to Buy a Ring Without Spending a Lot

Ben David Jewelers Dec 19, 2019
Buying an engagement ring is a huge responsibility. It is important to think about your budget before buying the same. Here, are some tips on how you can buy a ring without spending a lot of money.

Be Strategic About What You Are Planning to Buy

Contrary to popular perception, only if you are high on budget, you can design your engagement ring. It is a worthless statement. Even if your budget is low you can create your own wedding ring by adding a larger stone to the engagement ring.

Select A Prong

If you want to build your own diamond ring, select an engagement ring with prong setting. The prong setting fastens up the diamond securely. With the help of prong setting, the stone is highlighted a lot more and this makes the cleaning of the ring easy.

Consider Pave Diamonds

If you plan to flaunt an engagement ring like a celebrity, you can easily create your own wedding ring with the help of pave diamonds. The pave diamonds are like tiny diamonds that add a distinct touch to the ring. These are small diamonds that are beautifully crafted and gives an illusion of sophistication.

Think About Carat

You might have heard many times that diamond rings are all about 4C’s- carat, cut, color and clarity. If you are planning to create your own diamond ring, you can save money by determining carat size. Diamond prices jump instantly with the rise of carat level, though the difference is hard to notice. It can help you in potential savings.

Find a Ring that Compromises on Color and Clarity

Now that you have decided to design your own diamond ring within budget, it is important to understand that just like carat, color and clarity grades also impact price of diamond, but not noticeable to naked eye.

Buy Gold Instead Of Platinum

You can find best jewelry store in Danville VA, Chatham, Martinsville, Ringold, South Boston, Dryfork, Gretna and Blairs, Virginia to choose your own ring styles, as a lot of options are there in the market.  But it is better to select a gold ring instead of platinum. It will save a lot and will not pinch your pocket.

Choose Your Own Ring Styles

If you want to build your own diamond ring for your wedding, select an engagement ring with prong setting. The prong setting fastens up the diamond securely.