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How to Buy a Pearl Necklace

Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Pearl necklaces, made up of real pearls, can be quite expensive. Therefore, checking their genuineness becomes necessary. Here is a story that will help you in the identification of precious pearls and tell you how to go about buying one, so that you make a wise choice.
A pearl necklace is a must-have for every woman. Pearl jewelry can be as expensive as buying any other precious gemstone. A pearl is basically round and hard, which is produced within a shelled mollusk. It is produced in other shapes and sizes as well.
Pearls can be as expensive as diamonds therefore, buying them without gathering proper knowledge of identification can sometimes cost a lot more than their actual price.
Women love to adorn themselves with a pearl necklace at various occasions. A perfect necklace will never fail to enhance a woman's beauty. So, for all the women who want to buy one, here is a guide to make your hunt easy.

Guide to Buying a Pearl Necklace

Research the Market

Research various kinds of pearls available in the market. Many kinds of pearls are available and researching on them will help you decide, which kind of pearl you want to buy.
The chances of you buying a cultured pearl are very high. Saltwater cultured pearls are found in the ocean, while freshwater cultured pearls are obtained from river and lakes. If you are buying a saltwater cultured pearl, be ready to pay more because they are extremely luxurious, which makes them costly.
Freshwater cultured pearls are comparatively cheaper and are available in several colors and shapes. So, study the market thoroughly to decide what you want to buy.

Decide the Budget

Pearl necklaces can cost up to thousands of dollars. You may love to buy an expensive necklace, but if it does not suit your pocket, it is surely going to turn you off. So, it's better to decide beforehand how much you want to spend on the necklace so that you can check out only the ones that are affordable.

Decide the Type of Necklace

Whether you want a pearl choker, a medium-length necklace or a longer one, it all depends on your personal choice. Think before you buy, what style of necklace you would love to wear.
Pearl necklaces can either have uniform-sized pearls in the necklace or have pearls of various sizes arranged in a graduated fashion, with small ones near the clasp and large ones at the center.
Other styles of pearl necklaces are given next.
  • Bib: Necklace with 3 strands of pearls
  • Torsade: Necklace with twisted strands of pearls
  • Rope: 36 inches or more in length
  • Opera: 28-36 inches in length
  • Matinee: 20-24 inches in length
  • Princess: 18 inches in length
  • Choker: 15-16 inches in length

Search Online

Online research can give you the idea about various styles of necklaces that are in fashion. Websites selling pearl products clearly mention the specifications of pearl used along with the pricing. Pricing will tell you how much you need to spend for a particular style of necklace.

Measure the Neckline

When buying a pearl necklace for yourself, it is possible to wear and see whether it comes up to your neckline or not. However, if the necklace you are buying is a gift for someone you love, it is better to find out the neckline measurement of the person. A poorly fit necklace loses it beauty. Therefore, it is better not to take chances and know the exact measurement.

Factors to Consider

Following are some vital points that you must check before investing in a pearl necklace.
Pearl Luster
A good quality pearl will be extremely lustrous. Luster depends on the time for which the pearl stays within the mollusk. Longer the period of stay, greater the luster. Necklaces with pearls having a three-dimensional glow are more precious than the ones which look monotonous and reflect a one-dimensional glow.
Pearl Color
Usually, dark-colored pearls are more expensive than the ones with lighter shades. Watch out for dyed pearls which are generally marketed to dupe ignorant customers. Pearl necklaces are available in colors of white, yellow, cream, pink, silver, black and many more. Look at your wardrobe and decide a suitable color for yourself.
Pearl Nacre
Nacre is a layer which covers the pearl nucleus. The thickness of this layer speaks about how long a pearl will last. A thickness of 0.5 mm is considered good. Medium thickness is 0.35 mm to 0.5 mm and thin means 0.25 mm or less.
Pearl Smoothness
A good quality pearl is free from surface blemishes. To check the surface quality, place the pearl necklace on a dark background and check for roughness and blemishes on the surface.
Pearl Shape and Size
Necklaces are available with pearls of various shapes and sizes. Pearls can be round, semi-round, button, stick-shaped, etc. As a rule of thumb, round and symmetrical pearls are valuable than other pearl shapes. Similarly, larger the pearl size, higher is its price.
Clasp Quality and Workmanship
When you are paying so much for your pearl necklace, make sure the necklace clasp is made up of 14-carat gold or higher. A poor quality clasp may affect the quality of pearls and may look dull with beautiful pearls. Check for the workmanship. A well-crafted pearl necklace is what you need, if you pay thousands of dollars for it.
The variety of pearl necklaces for women available in jewelry stores is extensive. Keep the above points in mind when you go shopping so that you are able to pick the best for yourself and get value for your money.