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How to Clean White Gold Easily

Aastha Dogra
To maintain the radiance and shine in your jewelry, it is necessary to clean it on a regular basis. But, did you know that the way you clean any piece of jewelry depends on its kind and make? Here, find out the various ways in which you can clean white gold jewelry.
Every woman loves to adorn herself with jewelry. With time and constant usage, the jewelry may lose its shine and become dull, especially when it comes in contact with skin and air. In order to preserve the jewelry in its natural condition, most women, and that includes me, keep our jewelry in cloth pouches.
It seems is not enough, as jewelry, especially white gold, tends to become lusterless just after a few times of being used. This information teaches you how to clean white gold ornaments and help keep its shine, beauty, and newness, in check.
Step 1
Take a bowl and put one tablespoon each, of plain water and ammonia, in it. Stir the solution with a spoon so that it gets blended properly.

Step 2
Now take the piece of white gold that needs to be cleaned and put it in this solution. Keep it soaked in the solution for about half an hour.
Step 3
After half an hour, take out the jewelry from the solution and wash it with lukewarm water.

Step 4
Now take a cloth and rub the jewelry piece with it gently. You may need to rub it a number of times, till it regains its original color and shine.

Cleaning White Gold Ring

Step 1
Take a bowl and put one tablespoon of lukewarm water in it. Now add one teaspoon of dish soap and two teaspoons of ethyl alcohol to it, and mix properly with a spoon. Keep on stirring till the soap gets dissolved completely.
Step 2
Put the ring in this soapy solution and leave it there for about ten minutes. This will loosen the debris which gets accumulated in the ring.
Step 3
After ten minutes, take the ring out of the soap water and place it on a piece of cloth. Now take a toothbrush and with it, remove all the dirt and debris from the ring.
Step 4
Once you are done, keep the ring back on the cloth. The ring needs to be washed under the tap to get rid of the debris which results due to brushing it with the brush. Before doing that, put a stopper in the drain so that the ring does not get washed away into the pipe along with the water.
Step 5
After blocking the drain, let the water flow freely from the tap onto the ring for about one minute. Afterwards, take a dry cloth and wipe the ring dry.
Although using the mentioned methods will clean your jewelry to a great extent, it is recommended that you take the jewelry piece to a jeweler for getting best results. Jewelers have an ultrasonic machine, which helps in cleaning the dirt and debris lodged even in the smallest of cracks of the jewelry.
Normally, putting the white gold jewelry in two cycles of the ultrasonic machines is more than enough to clean it and make it sparkle and shine.
The methods mentioned should be carried out at least once a month to keep the original shine and luster of your jewelry in place. However, if all these methods fail to give you the results that you desire, the reason could be that its rhodium plating has worn off.
If this is the case, getting the jewelry re-plated by a jeweler is the only solution to restore it to its original appearance.