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How to Dress Well

Tulika Nair Feb 14, 2020
So you are finally opting to go in for that long overdue makeover, and you want to ensure you are truly transformed? In this story, we tell you how you can ensure that you are always well turned out.
Cutting right to the chase, the answer to a question like how do you know you are dressed well will always be an extremely subjective one. To a large extent, it completely depends on what your style quotient is. If you are punk rocker, you will seem a little disparate in a pair of formal linen trousers and a formal shirt.
 At the same time, you are definitely pushing the limits on Friday casuals, if you are a banker conducting a board meeting, in ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Which is why, it becomes important to dress well.
Like it or not, fashion has a rule book, and as much as you will want to break free from those guidelines, you do not want to be a walking example for what not to do.
Being well-turned out does not mean giving up on your individuality. In fact it is just a way of ensuring, that when you walk out your house in the morning, you are the cynosure of all eyes for the right reasons.

Guidelines for Men

Take this from someone who belongs to the group known as the female gender, most of us really wonder why men do not take more effort when it comes to dressing up. It is not difficult. It just needs five more minutes of thought.
And well, why wouldn't you want to receive all the compliments that you are sure to get if you are dressed well? A presentable guy is generally more confident and definitely more attractive.
At the cost of sounding extremely politically incorrect, first impressions do account for a lot and most people will judge you according to what you wear. That does not mean you buy only expensive clothes. Far from it. Just wear whatever you do with style and elan.
Here are some handy tips on dressing well that will go a long way.
  • While you should definitely dress to impress, it does not mean that it should come at the cost of being comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show, and your attractiveness will plummet.
  • It is important that you dress according to the occasion. You cannot turn up at a wedding in a pair of tracks. Period. There is no excuse for that. And you definitely cannot saunter into office wearing the same clothes that you wore to the gym. Understand what works for which occasion and dress accordingly.
  • Most people take a good fit to mean tight clothes. That is far from true. Donning well-fitting clothes translates into wearing something that flatters your body and not something that accentuates your flab. Similarly, avoid wearing extremely loose clothes. It will only make you seem bigger than you actually are.
  • It is important to understand colors and what suits you. Also you really need to dress age-appropriately. A man in his thirties in a pair of baggy jeans is not a sight to admire. But the same man in a pair of slim-fitting trousers and well cut shirt will have many jaws dropping.
  • There are some essentials that every man should own. This is definitely not one of the best kept secrets, but most women love their guy in pair of blue denims and a white button-up shirt. There is something quite irresistible about the combination.
Other than this, definitely have a black shirt, some basic colored t-shirts, well fitting trousers, and a good jacket in your wardrobe.
  • Most guys tend to ignore their footwear. Please do not. There are many women who first notice a guy's shoes. Footwear can be the deal breaker in many situations. Have a collection of different types of footwear for different occasions.
  • Many men actually believe that jewelry is a woman's prerogative. While excess accessorizing can be quite a turn-off, there are many men who can carry off a discreet chain, a wristband, and rings.
  • Fashion trends are great... on the runway. Include elements of the latest trends in your wardrobe but do not ditch the entire wardrobe for a new one, every time fashion gurus start heralding a fashion clothing item.
These are just some of the tips that guys can follow. It is not a Herculean task to understand men's fashion. All you need to do is pay a little more attention to yourself than normal and you will definitely master the art of dressing up.

Guidelines for Women

Breaking news! As much as we women like to believe that we know everything there is to know about fashion, we are mostly wrong. Which is probably why most fashion disasters can be attributed to women. More often than not in a bid to emulate the latest fashion trend, we go horribly wrong.
We know our fashion designers, our cuts, our colors, and our fabrics but we can also be extremely blind to what suits us and what does not. A girl needs to look chic, because every study that has come out lately tells us that men are swayed by physical appearance (like we didn't know that).
And as much as we would like to believe that our brains account for more, we know that somewhere deep down, our looks win hands down.
  • Like men, the worst problem for women are ill-fitting clothes. Women insist on wearing clothes that are two sizes too small for them. This stems from the fact that every time they go shopping, they buy a smaller size hoping it will inspire them to lose weight. Stick to clothing that fits well. Ill-fitting women's clothing makes you look bigger than you are.
  • Sure, when you were in high school, the grunge look worked wonders. The just out-of-bed look can even be great for weekends. But at office, stick to smart casuals. Ripped jeans, as great as they may be, are weekend wear, as are tank tops and halter dresses.
  • Many women go extremely wrong when it comes to choosing the right undergarments. There is a reason they are called so. They are supposed to be worn under your clothes. Letting that cute strap peek from under your top may seem like a cute idea, but it is not. It is distasteful to say the least.
  • Do not go overboard with fashion trends. While it is great to be in tandem with the latest look that is making waves on the ramp, if it does not suit you, let it stay there. Those weirdly named jeggings may be the latest trend in town but unless you are reed-thin, chances are you will not do anything for your appearance by wearing them.
  • Also it is important that you play around with different silhouettes. Do not let your clothing get boring or predictable. If you look good in shorts, that is a great thing for you, but do not clutter your wardrobe with shorts in every color and pattern imaginable.
  • Sure there are fashion gaffes that you should definitely never commit, but try and walk outside the boundaries at times. Invent and reinvent yourself. Sure, there will be times that you go wrong but occasionally there will be a time when you will be the latest trendsetter in town and be the inspiration for dressing well.
You do not have to spend big bucks in order to be well-turned out. It is more important to learn to buy flattering clothes that make you look your best. It is extremely easy to dress well for less money. The talent lies in being able to pick clothes that suit you and being able to mix and match well.