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How to Easily Maintain the Natural Radiance of Silk Sarees

Nidhi Shekhawat Dec 17, 2019
There is a natural radiance in every silk saree. It is not bright or piercing to the eyes, but is subtle, which makes it so classy. But every beautiful thing in the nature must be maintained. Is flinging a silk saree into the cloth washer enough to maintain it? Or do you need to do more to preserve their luminescence?
Here, we shall be taking up the crucial matter of how to maintain silk sarees. Even though the silk sarees have an astounding look, let’s face it, these silk sarees cost pretty much. And it hurts when they lose their shine over time owing to lack of maintenance. Silk sarees last for decades if you maintain them properly.

How to Maintain a Silk Saree?

Silk sarees need high maintenance. You must take certain steps to keep your costly silk sarees in the best shape. Let’s see what you must do to preserve their lustre. Follow these tips and maintain your gorgeous silk sarees for long.

Silk Sarees Love a Cold Bath

If you are going to wash silk saree for the first time, do not use detergent. Just dip it in cold water for about 15 minutes before drawing it back. Using detergent for the first few times, causes the saree to shrink and lose shine. So, using cold water is enough.

What Happens If You Get Tea Stains on a Silk Saree?

We love tea. But what if tea proves bad for sarees? What if you stain your saree with tea? Use a very mild detergent just on the stain and rub it with feather touch till the stain is gone. Don't use extra force on your saree.

Silk Sarees Love Protein Too!!

Yes, you read that right. But if you are thinking of smearing some eggs on your saree, stop right there! We mean, silk strands stay shiny and in shape if you wash it with high protein shampoo( after washing it with plain cold water first few times).

Direct Sunlight is Not A Friend of Silk Sarees

Sunlight is a primary source of life on earth, but silk sarees can look dead on being exposed to sunlight. Dry your silk sarees in shade to keep them in condition.

Silk Sarees Need Love, Not Force!!

Silk sarees are tender and understand the language of love. If you wring them hard after a good wash, the strands will dislocate, with the saree losing shape.

Don’t Mix Them Up!

Silk sarees need special place in the wardrobe. Keeping them with other sarees isn’t good. Silk strands do not like synthetic. After drying a silk saree, roll it up neatly and put it in a cotton or muslin bag.