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How to Hide Your Muffin Top

Sailee Kale Mar 5, 2020
A muffin top is nothing but the excess fat that hangs around your waistline, sometimes spilling over the sides of your jeans. So how can you hide it? If you want answers, look no further. Here are some suggestions on how to hide a muffin top and look presentable.
You just bought a new pair of jeans, and much to your chagrin, you realized that you cannot wear them because you have sprouted a muffin top! OK, so now, what do you do? It will certainly be a while before you can get rid of it.

Here are some solutions for quickly hiding your muffin top.

Tips and Tricks to Conceal a Muffin Top

Avoid Tight and Low-waist Jeans

This is not the time to flaunt your belly button. They perfectly bring out your flab. Opt for high-waist jeans that will make you feel more comfortable.

Wear the Right Top

The wrong top can highlight your inflated waistline. Choose tops that are not too tight, and flow freely around your body.
But they should not be too loose either, or it might look as if you are wearing a maternity top! A top that's a size too small will not do you good, instead buy one that's a size bigger. Pleated tops that have gathers at the top, but are loose and flare away just below the bust will definitely conceal your flabby waist.
Banded blouses and loose-fitting A-line tops are also a very good option to mask the bulge around your waist.

Avoid Slim-fit Shirts

As for men, when it comes to shirts, wear ones that flow freely around the waist.
Anything that clings to your abdomen should be avoided at all costs. Choose from loose T-shirts, nothing that is too snug around your abdomen. Again, not too big that it looks out of shape!

Use Dark Colors

Buy tops in dark colors. A dark color tends to make you look thinner, especially the upper torso.

Use Trendy Jackets

A jacket, vest, or a cardigan over your top is an excellent camouflage against an unsightly midriff.
Of course this is an option best reserved for the colder months. Fabric that is woven with high quality knitwear and has a thicker texture should hug your body well, without outlining your body shape.

Use a Camisole

A camisole beneath a fitted top is your best bet against a muffin top. Inner garments that smooth out your abdomen by concealing them are a good option.

Use Dresses

If you love wearing dresses, select from ones that are brightly colored and have bold prints.
Wrap dresses are another good choice, they also hide the unpleasant ring of fat around the tummy. Trapeze dresses, even though they are loose-fitting, can make you look flattering and obscure the bulge around your midriff.
These dresses usually come in single, solid colors, and take the attention away from the abdominal section towards the arms and legs, which are left bare. Sometimes these dresses are equipped with an extra layer of folded fabric, which is ideal for those who want to hide an unshapely figure.

Empire cut Cocktail Dresses

If you are headed to a party or a prom and intend to wear a gown, look for one with an empire cut.
With a high waistline that's right below the bust, empire dresses can be worn by those with a burgeoning waistline because they skim over the part of the body you want to hide.


Beautiful pieces of jewelry, maybe drop earrings or a pretty necklace, combined with a scarf, and even a new and different hairstyle will draw attention away from your waistline.

Keep Good Posture

Maintain a positive body language. Keep a straight posture, and no matter what you wear, learn to carry it off with poise and confidence.

Lose Weight

And lastly, and most importantly, lose that extra fat, so you do not have to worry about hiding it in the first place. Exercise. Hit the gym, and do waist exercises that will trim off any excess fat around your midsection. Do abs and crunches. Eat healthy. Eat foods high in protein and low in calories.
As a rule, think of them as temporary solutions, and your target should be a flat tummy, or at least a waist with no excess fat that you have to worry about. Start exercising and consume a low-fat diet, so till the time the next summer is here, you can flaunt your midriff without worrying about a muffin top.