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How To Hop On The Country Fashion Trends

The ever changing fashion trends always mesmerize people and make them chase the latest ones, in order to maintain their class and stay updated.
Abbie Faulkner Dec 19, 2019
Country fashion has made its way into many people’s wardrobes in recent years, with the potential to become one of the biggest fashion trends in the world.
This type of style isn’t just designed for the countryside lovers who go shooting every weekend, or the ones who go for walks with their Spaniel dog named Lucky.
There have been many trends in fashion overall, and they all move quite quickly and come back from the dead. But some country trends will live on forever, literally. In country music especially, those guys know when to go hard when it comes to fashion.
For a moment though, let’s forget about the stereotypical big hair, sparkles, country boots up to your knees and accents that make you think you need a translator next to you to translate what they are saying.
It’s time to hop on the country fashion train and experience some of the trends for yourself.

Say Hi To Tweed

Tweed is that one trend that we’re pretty sure will live on forever. It’s a fact, that no other fabric is able to give you the authentic country look. There are various tweed jackets, coats and trousers that work a treat together.
The countrified tweed coat actually became a city style essential, thanks to it’s lightweight and breathable nature, as well as it keeping us warm on chilly mornings. Heritage tweed is as British as a cup of tea and scone with jam and cream!

Have a look online for tweed jackets and coats in order to achieve an authentic and classic country look.

Country Boots

Country boots might be the most traditional and elegant styled boots in the world.

Most are durable and extremely practical, so if you’re looking to go for a 5 mile walk, or spend a day shooting with your friends, or for a casual evening meal, their versatility is what sells them.
The brand Fairfax and Favor are ones to watch out for, with stunning designs and high quality in everything that they do.

If you don’t know why people are obsessed with Fairfax and Favor boots, you will surely know, when you put on your first pair.


For the men and the women, loafers in the last 2 years have smacked us all in the face! Their popularity and design has made them a serious contender, and their fame continues to rise.

There are many different styles available, but all of them pretty much go with any outfit, so on that front you have nothing to worry about.

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Check / Plaid Shirts

Stick on a cowboy hat, some old fashioned cowboy boots and ride the imaginary bull because your outfit would then be complete! (avoid the bull, though).
Check and plaid shirts is something that I think the majority of people love. They are simple, yet different and can be used for any kind of occasion.
You can pull off a check shirt anywhere you are, and match it with a tweed jacket. Bingo! Fashion icon? Should we get you in the Devil’s Wear Prada movie?