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How to Layer Clothes Stylishly

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 12, 2020
Layering clothes is not only a way of creating an insulation on cold days, but also a way of looking stylish in a casual way. So, we've put together a few looks that will make you look classy, sexy, and all set to beat the winter with some serious hotness!

Quick Tip

Use many thin and warm layers which fit you well, rather than a few thick layered clothes which make you look bulky.
The harsh cold winter often makes one wonder about dressing stylishly. As short and light dressy clothes are packed into a hibernation, the very question of dressing well only gets tougher. Wearing full and layered clothing is the need of the hour in winters, and not just a seasonal fashion need. This can be done stylish, maintaining every shape and curve.

Layering Clothes Stylishly

The classic combination of blue denims with a white shirt works well for every weather. Pair your well-fitting denims with a simple white shirt. Wear the much-needed overcoat and winter boots. You could tie a scarf around your neck, and voila, you are ready to step out.
This look is casual for those mornings that demand sticking to the routine. Black tights, a long black inner, a knitted sweater, the classic overcoat, and boots that complement the look. 
This is all that you need to sport this look. Avoid adding too many colors when you are layering clothes. Maintain a theme color and have just one color that stands out. Adding too many colors to your clothes will result in an obvious wardrobe malfunction.
Wearing dresses gets discouraged during winter weather, due to their inability to shield the cold. But with this fashion tip, you surely can bring out those lovely dresses for a great party tonight. Pair your dress with stockings to keep your legs warm. Add a belt around your waist to highlight the curves, and define the bust and hipline. 
Next, wear a sleeveless shrug and then a jacket over it, to create a stylish insulation. Wear leg warmers that are well above your boots to add a dash of color and keep your legs warm too. A cute beanie and gloves will add to the look and much-needed insularity.
Layering is often considered a part of casual wear. However, it can very well be worn as formal clothing for office wear too. Here's what you need to do. Find that asymmetrical leather jacket and team it with your asymmetrical little black dress. Next, you will need medium-heeled boots to match the dress, and bring out the formal tone in your outfit for the day. Keep this attire two-tone to create a slightly serious effect. While layering for a formal dress code, keep the colors sober, simple, and sophisticated.
All one needs is a simple outfit for a Sunday barbecue party with friends. This look complies with your needs perfectly. Wear your loosely-fitting woolen tunic over black leggings. Add a belt around your bust to outline your body contours.
Wrap a contrasting scarf around your neck, and wear those gorgeous Oxfords, which are so in vogue this season. Layering does not always mean wearing too many clothes one on top of the other. Adding simple layers with accessories, such as scarves, also works wonders to create such a look.
Layering needn't always be for winter. Summer nights that have a slight nip in the air can also call for some layering of clothes.
A denim skirt with a checkered shirt is a combination that can never go wrong. Layer it further with a punk denim jacket and scarves. A belt on the denim skirt will accentuate your waist further. Add a few accessories, such as wristbands and rings, to complete the look. A punk look such as this is great for music concerts and wild night outs.
It is a misconstrued notion that layering makes a person look bulkier. On the contrary, if you layer properly, it can actually show your petite frame amidst the layers of clothes. The trick is to keep the inner most layer body hugging and longer than the rest of the layers. Always pick fabrics that are light and soft. Except the outermost layers, all the other layers must have a body-hugging fit to create the much-needed stylish look.