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How to Look Cool in White Jeans

Sheetal Mandora Feb 15, 2020
Nothing looks more fresh than a pair of sexy white jeans with a bold jacket or a cozy flannel shirt. As there are countless ways to style white jeans, this story gives you outfit suggestions for all 4 seasons.

It's an inside job.

As white jeans is known to be dangerously see-through, it's best you stick with lightweight flesh-colored or light gray underwear.
Truth be told, once we put a white jeans ensemble together, repeating it on several occasions can become a convenient habit. But how can we be blamed for wanting to wear such a quintessential piece of clothing? Gone are the days when wearing white after Labor Day was a no-no.
That old rule is done and dusted, and many women are taking the chance of wearing them year-round.

With eye-catching outfit ideas with white skinny jeans that won't crap your personal style, we've got you covered for all 4 seasons.

Spring Outfits

As the temperature outside is still a bit chilly, wear tops and jackets that grab attention. Vibrant colors like coral, emerald green, magenta, and turquoise look brilliant with white. You can grab a denim or warm-colored jacket to complement the ensemble.

Summer Outfits

We all know that a pair of well-fitted white jeans is a summer staple. To add elegance and femininity, wear a pastel blouse with complementing sandals. On the other hand, for women looking to strike a 'bold' chord, wear a top in colors like teal, mustard yellow, hot pink, and cobalt blue, or perhaps in a floral print.

Fall Outfits

A scarf, cardigan, or loose sweater with your white jeans can make a world of difference. Plus, the colors you choose can depending entirely upon your personal taste. The only thing to remember is that since you'll be wearing a well-fitted (read skinny) jeans, don't wear a tight blouse and/or sweater.

Winter Outfits

Chances are you'll be drawn towards coats, tops, and scarves, all in white. However, don't feel the need to stick to a specific concept. You can and should think outside the box, and try pieces that are season-appropriate and attention-grabbing.

Here are some ways to pair your white jeans throughout the year.