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How to Look Taller

So you think you're shorter than normal and need to find ways to look taller. Here's how to look taller by following some very simple techniques.
Puja Lalwani Feb 14, 2020
You may be one of those people who considers yourself unfortunate because you aren't 'tall enough'. Well, being tall may have its pluses, but a downside too. So there is no need to berate yourself over not being tall. It is in the genes, and no matter what you do, somewhere these genes kick in and become an obstacle in your growth (literally).
However, there is no way those genes can stop you from trying to 'appear' taller. So here are some quick methods that tell you how to look taller, for men and women.

The Art of Looking Taller

The average height of a woman and the average height of a man is different, and those who fall below this average height are generally classified as short. As surprising as you may find it, there are some very simple ways to look tall without having to wear heels or without having to take those supplements that claim to enhance your height overnight. Yes, it's all a matter of wearing the right clothing and carrying it off with confidence.

Focus on your Body

An important method to look tall involves improving your posture. A lot of people look short only because they are slouching. Stand erect, with your back straight and your arms by your side. Look confident when you do so. To get out of the habit of slouching, ask a friend to point out whenever you are.
Use a chair with a straight back to keep your body posture straight while you work. Stand against a wall and ensure your shoulders and hips are as much in contact with it as possible. Improving your posture may take time; but once you are able to do it, you will automatically start looking taller.
Another important point to keep in mind, particularly in this area, is to make an attempt to lose weight. When a man or woman is on the shorter side, even a little amount of extra weight can make her/him look plump and therefore, shorter than she/he already is. Further, the weight also affects your posture, which is why knocking it off is a good idea. Irrespective of whether you want to look taller or not, losing weight is imperative to good health. Do it anyway and you will benefit in more ways than one.

Wear the Right Clothes

You may love your old jeans and your favorite sweater, but how much good is it doing you when you are trying to look taller, especially without heels or any other enhancement? Take a look at your wardrobe, at the kind of clothes you are wearing. What you need are well fitted clothes of the appropriate length.
Get rid of all those loose, baggy clothes that have made their way into your wardrobe. Shop for clothes that bring out your best, that make you look like a million bucks, and downplay the fact that you feel short. If you think you are too short, don't wear capris, shorts, and other such bottoms that will highlight your legs at a point where you look shorter.
If necessary, wear skirts or shorts that end above the knee. Particularly in terms of women's clothing, do not wear boots to go with this skirt, as again, it will just make you look shorter. Wear jackets that end below the buttocks, or at the waist.
Wear long scarves to enhance your height. Finally, vertical stripes are known to give the illusion of height, so opt for clothes with these. For instance, when it comes to men's clothing, men can wear striped shirts or pin-striped suits to look taller.
The kind of colors you wear also determine how tall you look. Fashion experts suggest wearing monochromatic colors to give an appearance of looking taller. Monochromatic need not necessarily be boring.
If you add variation to your clothes in terms of texture, colors and prints, you will be able to wear charming outfits and steal the show by looking taller than you are. When choosing colors, if you could tend to the darker side, it would be preferable. Also, wear smaller prints so that they do not overpower your overall look.
Lastly, make your hair in a manner that gives you a taller appearance. Men can opt for a spiked hairstyle, while women can try updos or a slightly puffed look.
No matter how many methods you try to look taller, remember that you need to first carry yourself confidently. There is no need to be embarrassed about your height; you look as good as any tall person. Love yourself and who you are, and you will never feel low in any way.