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How to Make a Corset

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 6, 2020
Do you wish to revive a corset, the hottest trend of the eighteenth century? Here is your guide on how to make a corset yourself.
Corsets were highly in vogue during the eighteenth century. They were the sexiest piece of clothing during that era. The eighteenth century women used to wear them over their dresses to give their upper body a defined shape. Since then, corset has been constantly in and out of fashion. If you are really fond of a corset, you should probably think about making your own corset.

Making a Corset Yourself

Before, you start with the corset making project, make sure you have all the materials at hand. This story aims at making corset out of simple materials that are available in your own house.
Duct tape, a pair of scissors that is efficient enough to cut the fabric, an old T-shirt that can be cut, a permanent marker, liner fabric etc., is all what you need for this project. You are going to need an assistant for this project, hence make sure you have a really good friend to help you with it.
Making a corset involves two basic steps, making the pattern for the corset and making the liner for the corset. Once, you have a pattern at hand, it is very easy to sew the fabric for the liner.
  • Firstly, change into the old T-shirt without wearing a bra. Corsets do not look good with a bra inside. The purpose of the T-shirt is to protect your skin from the assault of the duct tape.
  • Next, ask your friend to start wrapping the duct tape around you, along the outline, in shape of a corset. While wrapping the duct tape, cover the outlines of the neck, shoulder straps etc.
  • Once all the outlines are defined and a rough shape of corset is ready, it is time to fill the spaces.
  • Evenly wrap the duct tape within the outline defined. Make sure your friend is not overlapping the tape too much. The thickness of the tape should be even at all places and should be as hard as a shell.
  • Then, decide upon the design of your corset and fix positions for shoulder straps, laces etc.
  • Mark these positions with a permanent marker.
  • Now have your friend cut the T-shirt along the design and the outline. This will leave you topless, as the T-shirt comes off after cutting (this is why it is important to get a 'really good' friend!).
  • Once, you have all the pieces cut, you need to trim excess T-shirt cloth from the corset pattern.
Your corset pattern is ready; now all you have to do is buy a fabric for liner and sew it. Velvets and cotton are the best fabrics to work with, while making corsets. Sew the fabric along the corset pattern. Depending upon where you wish to tie the lace, make equidistant holes on the front or back of the corset to sew the grommets.
Grommets prevent the fabric from tearing due to tying lace and also masks the rough edges. The grommets should properly fit in the hole. Secure the grommets for every hole on the corset. Lace up the string through every hole of the grommet. Add stones or embellishments on your corset, if you wish. Your corset is ready to wear!
Now that you know how to make a corset, you should definitely give it a try. If you don't have the time to do it yourself, you can always buy it. After all, what matters is flaunting your great body in a corset.