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How to Make a Crop Top in 5 Simple Steps

Payal Kanjwani Feb 12, 2020
Old tees? Top that got muffed 'cause you spilled something on it? Shirts that you don't like wearing now? It's time to get 'em all out. Crop 'em and bring the cuteness back! This story guides you to make a crop top in 5 simple steps.

Fashion Notification

A maximum of two inches of skin should be exposed to quash the immature look. To add a dramatic angle, cast a tailored blazer over your crop top.
Wanna recycle your old, oversized tees? Wanna get rid of the dull tops in your wardrobe? Or just in the mood of flaunting some creativity? Guess, it's time to spice your closet with cool crop tops and cute tank tops. Trust me, the best DIY crop tops are born from the pieces you have no intention of wearing any further. So, grab an old tee and get started!
All You Need is:
I) An old tee/shirt
II) A pair of scissors
III) Markers (to be on the safe side)
IV) A soul that loves art

Steps to Crop a Tee


Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. Decide how cropped you want your tee to be. Use a temporary marker to map down the crop of your top.


Get rid of the thick neckline (or collar). Cut a slit along the neck opening at a desired distance.


Next, move on to cutting the sleeves. Cut them off at a curve as pictured.


Taking fabric cutters or scissors, trim out the top on the marked line. 
You can pull out a straight line, or cut at a curve (as shown in the picture) to create a high-low hem, or simply create fringes. Chop chop! Your crop top is ready to flaunt.


Make sure you stretch out all the cuts, once you're done with the cropping stuff, to roll out the ends, creating a nice hem.

Steps to Crop a Shirt

Follow all the steps that we explained for cropping a tee, except cutting the collar. (That's optional though!)
You can hem the cuts yourself by rolling the ends half an inch and sew them, to make sure it doesn't fray at all.
Tada! Your shirt has been cropped!
Crop tops are all about playing with proportions. So raise a cut when you're totally sure about it. Explore by using safety pins.

You can make a huge number of desired variations. Make a higher or lower neckline, crop your top with a side curve, give it a funky look, or make it oversized. Decorate your cropped top by drawing, spray painting a pattern, or simply writing on it. OMG! I think that's enough, I need to stop.

Crop Top Gallery

Not everyone has the dare and flair to carry crop tops (no secret!). But people who are on the heavier side can use the crop top as an outer layer, wearing it on a long-fitting top.

The secret trick with it is, if it fits you and you feel confident wearing it, then it will be pulled off seamlessly.