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How to Make Your Own Denim Cut off Shorts

Divya Bichu
You probably have seen a lot of celebrities don a cute pair of denim shorts. They might cost you no less than fifty dollars! Instead of paying so much for these shorts, why not turn your own old denim into a masterpiece. Here is how you go about it.
Trends change, and so do our tastes. We start to breathe these new trends, especially when it comes to tastes in fashion and clothes. Of late, narrow and skinny jeans are the buzzwords. I am liking them too, they make me looker leaner! Well, that is not the point, the point is what do I do with a pile of old bell bottom jeans.
Discard them! come on I spend quite a few dollars in buying them back then. The dilemma is I don't want to get rid of them, nor do I want to wear them. While watching TV last night I saw Jennifer Aniston don a pair of sexy denim shorts. It clicked and I decided to breathe new life into my old denim, by converting them into a cute pair of shorts.

How To Make Cut Off Shorts

Step 1

You will need a measuring tape. Place the start of the tape on your waist exactly where you wear your denims, and let it fall along the length. While you do so make sure you are standing in front of the mirror, it will make your job easier.
Now decide how long you want your shorts to be, just above the knees or a little more short. Whichever the case may be, just measure the length and write it down somewhere before you forget.

Step 2

Pull out an old denim, place them on a flat surface and with the help of the measurement, mark a line on both legs. You can use a ruler to draw a straight line, it will give the shorts a more finished look.
Find a pair of sharp scissors, with the help of the same cut both the legs along the marked line in the second step. Leave an extra 2 inches length for folding, in case you want to.

Step 3

Now, turn the denim shorts inside out and lay them on a flat surface. If the length of the newly cut shorts vary, don't worry, take the scissors and snip away the extra fabric, bringing both the sides to the same length. Anyway we are going to fold them later. So, don't worry.

Step 4

One of the most interesting steps. You will need a razor. Run the razor on your denim to create a distressed look. You will notice loose threads exposed from the jeans giving you some seriously distressed perfection. Recommended areas for a distressed look are front pocket edges and back pockets.

Step 5

Finally, fold the ends of the shorts and hem them for a more classy look. You can choose not to hem them, giving it more frayed and rugged edges. And there you are with your brand new pair of denim shorts. Make sure you wash it before wearing, as it will fray the hem a little more and make them look simply stunning!


  • If you already have a favorite pair of shorts, use it as a guide in making these new pair of shorts.
  • In case the shorts look too tight, snip them a little at an angle (v shape) at the sides of both the legs, it will give you a more flattering look.
  • You can stick patches or add colorful borders to give a unique look.
  • You can also wear colorful scarves or funky belts as waistbands to enhance its look further.
  • Team them up with flats, sneakers, boots, tank tops, or loose t-shirts, or a classy jacket, they are sure to match each one of them and you are sure to make a style statement.
Go girl, grab onto your old pair of denim jeans and convert them into a stylish pair of shorts. Cut off denim shorts are easy to make and it takes very little time to turn an ordinary pair of denim into a masterpiece, one of its kind!